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3 day








The Exponential Families Program is an exclusive experience that has been custom designed for families.

You’ll see the future more clearly and develop an informed family strategy to identify exciting business opportunities, clarify legacy and impact, and inspire the next generation. You’ll also become part of a tight-knit, extraordinary group of families who collaborate and take “moonshots” to create a world of abundance.


Dates T.B.D.

Location in Germany T.B.D



*Programs include all meals and transportation during the program. Lodging is additional.

Sample Program Schedule*

Day 1

8:00 – Arrival
8:30 – Welcome and Introductions
9:00 – Introduction to Exponentials
10:10 – Break
10:30 – AI & Robotics
12:00 – Lunch
1:00 – Extended Reality
2:10 – Break
2:35 – Digital Manufacturing & Nanotech
3:50 – Global Grand Challenges
5:05 – Break
5:30 – Workshop: Futures Wheel & Family MTP
7:00 – Day 1 – Synthesis
7:30 – Dinner

Day 2

9:00 – Reflections from Day 1
9:15 – Future of Energy
10:30 – Break
10:45 – Digital Biology
12:15 – Lunch, Class Photo
1:45 – Longevity & Personalized Medicine
3:15 – Break
3:30 – Blockchain & the Decentralized Economy
4:45 – Break
5:00 – Exponentials and Investing
5:45 – Day 2 – Synthesis
6:00 – Breakout: Family 10x Project Ideas
6:30 – Dinner

Day 3

8:15 – Arrival
8:30 – Reflections from Day 2
8:50 – Family Matters: A Case Study
9:30 – Break
9:55 – Exonomics
11:25 – Disruption, Dystopia, and Decisions
12:50 – Lunch
1:50 – Transforming your Company
2:30 – Break
3:30 – Workshop: 10X Family Strategy
5:30 – Day 2 – Synthesis
6:00 – Closing Dinner Offsite

*Final program schedule is subject to change and may differ from this schedule

What You’ll Learn

Our program is built around five key content pillars:

  1. Staying Ahead of Technology
  2. Wealth Preservation & Creation
  3. Preparing the Next Generation
  4. Understanding Longevity, Health, & Wellness
  5. Making Positive Impact in the World

Participants will leave the program able to:

  • Understand the nature of exponential growth and the impact of exponential tech on industry, society, and humanity.
  • Understand the status, implications and key players in a portfolio of exponential technologies that are driving disruption.
  • Identify new threats and opportunities in specific industries and new markets, and catalyze new innovation projects for the family.
  • Plan for the education and change management process of implementing exponential thinking and innovation across the family.
  • Build and leverage an exponential network to expand opportunities, increase knowledge, and share resources.

What People are Saying

“Taking my daughter to a Singularity event was the single most impactful thing I have done as a father. She emerged with an enthusiasm for changing the world that I could not have expected… She immediately made friends with other people from across the globe and began ideating together on exponential technology ideas. Now she is actively pursuing her first startup and I could not be more proud.”

— Rick Smith

Founder and CEO, Axon

“Attending Singularity University with my adult sons gave us a chance to talk about the future for them and their kids (my grandchildren) in a very real way.”

— Ed Kavounas

Real Estate Developer

The world’s leading families are institutions unto themselves. Never before have they had so much opportunity and potential to change the world. We’ve had youth in some of our programs before but never entire families together, with other families beside them. Having these extraordinary families with multiple members thinking exponentially, while armed with SU technology insights and our global network, will create an unparalleled force for business and global impact across generations.