We’re thrilled to announce our acquisition of Futurism, a digital media company focused on leveraging breakthrough science and technology for global good.

With an audience of more than 10 million readers, tech executives, thought leaders, and architects of tomorrow, Futurism is widely respected for publishing the latest in world news, products, and narratives as they relate to the future of science and technology. In addition to acquiring the media site, we have also acquired Futurism Creative, an advertising studio, and Futurism Studios, a digital production studio. We’re excited to be welcoming these new capabilities—and talented team members—into the SU family.

As our CEO, Rob Nail noted in the press release announcing this news, “SU and Futurism both have a passion for sharing practical examples of how science and exponential technologies can be harnessed to positively impact our world. Our shared mission empowers our combined communities to collaborate and tell the stories of tomorrow, today.”

Through Futurism, SU is able to further expand our narrative-building capabilities within our existing 10x Strategy Development solution. SU’s enterprise clients will have new tools to envision their organization’s future scenarios, create compelling ways to bring this new future vision to life, and share their stories with a highly engaged and relevant audience.

Here are some powerful enhancements we are adding to our 10x Strategy Development solution:


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Enterprise clients can tap into Futurism’s vast knowledge of transformative technologies to provoke their own thinking and inspire their organization’s future vision. As experts who regularly cover the breakthroughs and innovations that shape our future, Futurism can help organizations build a knowledge portal that defines their brands’ futuristic outlook and translates it into a powerful strategic narrative. Additionally, Futurism’s 4.7M monthly readers can be tapped for surveys, focus groups, and research studies to help enterprise clients better understand the needs of their customers.
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Whether it’s building a brand or launching a new product or initiative, Futurism brings clients’ future narratives to life through compelling creative spanning a variety of media, including engaging editorial content, custom video series, social media or newsletter takeovers, and experiential events. With these tangible assets and experiences, enterprise clients are armed with engaging representations of their future vision to both galvanize their broader organization and communicate with their target customers.
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Futurism’s deep experience in media strategy will help enterprise clients achieve maximum reach for their campaigns while leveraging its channels to engage a future-focused audience. These enhanced capabilities offer new means for enterprise clients to communicate their narratives (crafted during 10x Strategy Development) or launch new initiatives (developed during 10x Innovation Sprint). Futurism can also work with your existing media and creative agencies to build engaging sponsored content and standard display media campaigns around current public-facing initiatives that seek to reach a future-focused consumer.

The world needs more positive stories, and together, SU and Futurism will be a shining light to illuminate a better future. We’ll leverage our shared mission and worldview to inform, mobilize, and empower an ever-growing audience to address the world’s most urgent problems. Get on the list below to learn more about these exciting developments as they happen!