What are GICs?

Singularity University Global Impact Challenges (GICs) are incentive competitions organized by geography and themes. The goal of the Challenges is to catalyze entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world and recruit top talent for SU’s entrepreneurship and startup programs.

The Challenge framing centers on how individuals or startups would solve the world’s biggest challenges by using exponential technology. Challenge winners are awarded participation in select SU programs (Global Solutions Program, SU Ventures Sprints, SU Summits) and, on a case-by-case basis, other incentives are provided by the local organizers (e.g., prize money and participation in local programs).


Why Host a GIC?

  • Catalyze innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world
  • Scale the number of people with abundance mindsets who will shape humanity’s future
  • Identify hyper-talented innovators who have potential to solve your region’s—and perhaps the world’s—biggest challenges

“Hosting a GIC in South Africa was a great opportunity to unearth and uplift amazing talent in the country. We were able to send one incredible individual to the SU Global Solutions Program and kickstart the other finalists in their journey to impact a billion people’s lives.””

– Mic Mann, GIC Organizer South Africa

Dr. Dhesi Raja

GIC success story

2015 Malaysia GIC winner: Dhesi Raja

AIME’s platform provides critical information for disease prediction and outbreak management via machine learning and artificial intelligence. This platform can geolocate the area of the next disease outbreak up to three months before an actual outbreak occurs. Currently, AIME is working to end dengue and Zika outbreaks. In the future, AIME will tackle tuberculosis, the flu, HIV, and malaria.

GICs are made possible by partnerships with sponsor organizations worldwide (corporations, NGOs, foundations, and educational institutions) that are passionate about improving the lives of millions of people. By sponsoring GICs, your organization will demonstrate a strong commitment to creating positive impact and helping implement novel ideas that have the potential to make significant progress in addressing serious global problems.

GIC sponsor benefits include:

  • Recognition as an innovative leader within a region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Incredible insights on innovation with the opportunity to capitalize on new ideas
  • Valuable goodwill coverage in print, online, and/or in social media
  • Complimentary tickets to attend select Singularity University events and Summits in your region
  • Autographed copy of Singularity University book

Selected GIC sponsors:

  • City of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
  • Industiens Fond (Denmark)
  • Sony Corporation (Japan)
  • Fundacion Mustakis (Chile)
  • Rafael del Pino Foundation (Spain)
  • Deloitte (Canada)
  • World Food Programme (Global)
  • Knight Foundation (Miami)

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