Meet the Impact Scholars

Introducing our amazing group of changemakers

2016 Exponential Medicine Impact Scholars

Abdulrahman El-Hilly

Country: United Kingdom

Fellow Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Adriana Vallejo Castillo

Country: Mexico

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Arjun Dirghangi

Country: United States 

Fellow Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Eric Dijkhuis

Country: Netherlands, Paraguay

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Jaime Correa

Country: Colombia

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Louis Auguste

Country: United States

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Marleen Hendriks

Country: Netherlands

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Nina Sesto

Country: Croatia

Fellows Program: 2016 Exponential Medicine

Singularity University Global Summit Impact Scholars

Alvin Carpio

Country: United Kingdom, Phillipines

Fellow Program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact Initiative: Alvin founded The Fourth Group, a global community of over 800 people working together to create a new politics in the context of the fourth industrial revolution. The Fourth Group utilises exponential technological advancements to build a better politics.

Bio: Alvin has spent the last decade working on issues of social justice. He has campaigned for human rights in the Philippines, worked with communities in London in response to the English Riots in 2011, and ran soup kitchens for the homeless. He currently advises governments and global corporations on policy and leadership, and lobbies for changes to legislation to support people in poverty across the UK. 

Avishan Bodjnoud

Country: Iran

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Avishan is working to utilize innovative technology to enhance UN Peacekeeping Operations within the field as well as at headquarters. The priorities considered for implementation includes: technology implementation, protecting citizens, effective operations prioritizing information sharing, medical support, security, and communications efforts between different factions. 

Bio: Avishan is passionate about women in technology and is working toward using innovative technology to enhance the enterprise’s operational effectiveness. Currently, she works at the United Nations Headquarters.

Carla Mays

Country: United States

Fellow program2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiativeCarla is developing the ethical and financial framework for the innovation economy within smart cities that is both equitable and profitable for people and government.

BioCarla has both public and private sector expertise in building scaleable, secure, and financially sustainable government innovation.

Hera Barrameda

Country: Phillipines

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Hera is creating UNBOXed, aiming to upcycle junk container vans to high value libraries, playscapes, shelters and community centers for underprivileged and disaster ridden communities. 

Bio: Hera is an accountant and a former real estate executive. Prior to heading revenue management for a listed real estate company in her home country, she world as Head of Philantrophy focused on rebuilding areas by the Supertyphoon Haiyan in the areas of health, housing, livelihood and education. She is a fellow of the Global Shapers Community, an initiative of the World Economic Forum.

José Molina

Country: Guatemala, Mexico

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: José recently launched Cursotica, an online learning platform providing low cost professional skill courses to Spanish-speaking women in order to help them create a secondary income. 

Bio: José has built an impressive career in business development at Shell International, as a social impact consultant at Skala Ventures, founder of online education platform Cursotica and as an academic at Tecnológico De Monterrey. Currently, he is the Head of Innovation at World Resources Institute  in México (

Mandy Lau

Country: Australia

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Mandy is working on an inclusive education kit for children with multi-disabilities to learn in mainstream settings. It has won James Dyson Award, Red Dot Award, Well-Tech Award and Good Design Award. The resource has been adopted by leading organizations working with children with multiple needs in homes and schools across Australia. 

Bio: Mandy is an accomplished designer, having previously designed a therapeutic tool for people with hand injuries--winning her the Samsung Creative Talents Award. She is a social entrepreneur with design, engineering and education background. Her previous work includes art therapy instructor, math teacher for children with disabilities, design interpreter for an international education programme by INDEX: Design to Improve Life (Copenhagen), and industrial designer for a groundbreaking bus which has launched in Australia in 2015. Mandy is passionate about transforming education for children with disabilities through product design.

Pamela O'Leary

Country: United States

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Pamela is developing a virtual platform to highlight emerging practices to advance organizational diversity efforts. Similar efforts previously resulted in implementing a gender diversity initiative framework at the United Nations.

Bio: Currently pursuing a PhD in Human & Organizational Development, with a focus on diversity management, Pamela also works for UPWARD, a nonprofit with the mission of advancing senior-level and executive women leaders. As an elected and appointed official, and the youngest member of the San Mateo County Democratic Party, she advocates for equality while serving on the county Commission on Aging and the City Planning Commission. Pamela has been a congressional staffer, a nonprofit fundraising professional, consultant to the United Nations, as well as an adjunct faculty member at various academic institutions.

Roland Zonai

Country: Sweden, Hungary

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Roland is creating a platform for innovative animal and human protein production via high-throughput insect-based organic waste and sludge transformation.

Bio: Roland is a bioentrepreneur pushing the world forward on the edge of business and biotechnology with helping scientist and researchers to realize and commercialize their innovations.

Uly Ogwah

Country: Nigeria

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Uly is developing technology that will enable art historians to comprehensively document African art dispersed around the world, and to ultimately create virtual reality African art museums for the preservation of culture, accessibility of historical data, and development of experiences that retain cultural values through transformative art education for the next generation.

Bio: Uly is an artist, designer, and documentarian from Nigeria. His purpose is to use the power of documentation as a tool for historical preservation and it is his passion to help Africa improve art education as a way of educating African children to learn their history.

Will Ceolin

Country: Brazil, Italy, Netherlands

Fellow program: 2016 Singularity University Global Summit

Impact initiative: Will is developing Zoonk, an open source project to create virtual reality content for education (K-12). His goal is create a platform that enables the sharing of content that is crowdsourced and iterative. 

Bio: Will is a self-taught computer geek, studying AI in the Netherlands, and is obsessed with education and making it so that no child feels inadequate for not learning at the same pace as others.