We are honored to partner with leading global organizations (NGOs, United Nations organizations, think tanks, foundations, and other mission-driven organizations) that share our mission to create a world of abundance and address humanity’s most urgent challenges. Impact Partnerships with Singularity University (SU) are based on shared value and offer meaningful benefits.

For our Impact Partners:

  • Exposure to SU’s unique perspective on how exponential technology can help solve the world’s biggest challenges
  • Access to SU’s networks of corporate partners, startups, governmental organizations, alumni, and community chapters around the world
  • Linkages to Silicon Valley-based companies, social entrepreneurs, and innovation mindsets
  • Discounted and customized educational and innovation programs

For Singularity University:

  • Deeper understanding of the world’s biggest challenges from the deep knowledge and field networks of our Impact Partners
  • Opportunities for startups to beta test innovations in the field
  • Opportunities to leverage Impact Partner networks to advance SU’s mission

The Impact Partnership program is currently undergoing a redesign to maximize our collaborations for greater impact.

Our team looks into the future and provides options for UNICEF. We think that Singularity University provides a unique and valuable window into that future, and together we can identify and scale up solutions that will have great impact for the world’s most vulnerable women and children.

Current and Past Impact Partners Include:

Impact partnership logos