WIN’s mission is to promote gender equity, diversity, inclusion, and empowerment for all in the SU community, within the SU staff, and across all programs. Our vision is to create a global community of women and female-identifying people who have access to the development and tools that enable them to reach their highest potential, setting the standard for gender equity and empowerment in all of SU’s work.

WIN advocates for SU to create and maintain an inclusive and equitable culture, with a flexible and empowering workplace and a diverse and representative workforce and community. WIN was launched in 2016 as an employee resource group for staff and faculty at SU, then re-launched in 2018 as a global women’s initiative to include our community (Chapters, Country Partners, Global Impact Challenges, Summits, and alumni around the world).

A message from SU Executive Chairman,
Erik Anderson

Why WIN Exists

  1. Promote gender equity, diversity, and inclusion by creating opportunities that connect, uplift, enable and amplify the work and voices of the women and female-identifying people in the Singularity University community.
  2. Create a culture where gender equity is at the forefront of everything that SU does, promoting opportunities and services for the women and female-identifying people of SU to connect with each other, grow, and reach their highest potential.
  3. Create and communicate initiatives, actions, and results of programs and policies focused on empowering, connecting, and highlighting women and female-identifying people of the SU community to all alumni and members of the SU community.

The Leaders of WIN

The Women’s Impact Network is co-chaired by Molly Pyle, Stacy Maldonado and Tammy Lakes. They’re supported by a team of dedicated SU employees who work together as thought leaders and content producers in support of WIN initiatives. All of this is done in addition to everyday roles and responsibilities. WIN is a working example of what can be done when people within an organization step up to challenge the status quo and actively create the positive change they wish to see in the world.

Molly Pyle

Senior Manager, International Summits

Stacy Maldonado

Senior Events Manager, Custom & Special Events

Tammy Lakes

Executive Vice President of Online Learning and Digital Business

Frequently Asked Questions

To join, please opt into our WIN database using the form at the bottom of this page. If you’d like to reach the WIN co-chairs directly please write to

As a member of the Women’s Impact Network (WIN), you will receive emails from us about upcoming opportunities and events (both in-person and virtual) that will connect you to SU and current issues and topics the Women’s Impact Network is focused on. WIN members are not bystanders but rather they are passionate people of action – people of all genders are invited to partner with WIN to put on an event (a panel, a networking event, a Women’s or Allie’s circle, or more!) or propose a topic to be discussed virtually via webinar. WIN empowers members with toolkits and templates to be agents of equity and impact wherever you are, no matter your gender or any other identifier – if you are committed to creating a more equitable world, we are with you on that mission, come on and join us.

Anyone who is aligned with WIN’s mission, vision, and values and wants to be part of building a more equitable future can be a part of WIN. The Women’s Impact Network is open and inclusive to people of all gender identifications and expressions. We welcome those who are passionate, inspired and driven to increase gender equity in the world. You do not have to identify as female or be an alum of Singularity University, but we do hope the mission of Singularity University inspires you, as we are a product of our credo.

There are many ways to collaborate with WIN! Below are just a few, and we welcome your insights and feedback if there is a way you’d like to be involved and don’t see it listed below:

  1. Join us for our events, panels, gatherings, happy hours, and webinars! WIN is about building and supporting community – there’s always a seat at the table for you with WIN.
  2. Partner with us to put on an event (a panel, a networking event, a Women’s or Allies circle, or more!)
  3. Propose a topic or a speaker for an Exponential Equity webinar or a WIN event you’d like to see happen.
  4. Share your work, news, updates, or events with us – we will amplify, attend or support however possible! We aim to be a network of action as well as a channel for other women and allies to elevate their work, opportunities, events, and challenges that they may face. If there’s something going on that could or should have a gender-specific impact in your community, or if you’d like to share other news, events or opportunities please drop us a line!
  5. Host your own events inspired and/or supported by WIN! The Women’s Impact Network empowers members with toolkits and templates to be agents of positive change wherever you are, no matter your gender or any other identifier – if you are committed to creating a more equitable world, we are here to help!

We’re so glad you asked! WIN is happy to support the SU global community, staff, alumni, and other organizations and folks passionate about gender equity beyond the SU community. The best way to determine if we might be a good fit to partner with is to contact us directly. Below is a short list of ways in which we may be able to offer support:

  • Event partnership or thought partnership.
  • Moderate panels, deliver keynote speeches, or facilitate workshops on gender, equity, entrepreneurship, technology, impact, and more.
  • Event amplification via marketing on our social media channels.
  • Inclusion in our digital platform (via our Exponential Equity webinar channel) to share diversity, equity, and inclusion work being done by women and allies in the community.

Please contact us at with more information about your event and we will be in touch with you very soon!

Nope! Though we are named the Women’s Impact Network, WIN’s mission is to promote gender equity, diversity, inclusion, and empowerment of all in the SU community and beyond. We welcome women, men, allies and people of any and all gender identities and expressions to join us in this movement for a more equitable future.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to become SU Faculty, we encourage you to apply here. If you’d like to suggest a topic for a future WIN Exponential Equity webinar, please reach out to us at with your idea and we’ll be in touch!

Get Involved

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