Darren Cassidy


Chief Product Officer, DX Design Lab

About Darren

Darren Cassidy, a product manager at DXLab Design, specializes in product management, strategy and user experience. As a team leader, he manages designers, engineers, and marketers through conception to execution of the product. Darren creates and maintains a unified vision for each individual product by showing a depth of empathy for the end user. By truly connecting with the user, he makes sure that the team is constantly checking that their target audience is being kept at the forefront of the process until a final product is delivered. He has a breadth of experience across various industries including e-commerce, consumer electronics and B2B solutions.He begins every project by taking the time to do a deep dive into understanding the business needs, industry landscape and end user to create a product strategy and roadmap. With years of experience in web development, optimization, and user experience he has been able to increase certain website’s online sales by over 100%, while decreasing cost of operations. Born in Vancouver, CA, Darren has a BAS in Electrical Engineering from University of British Columbia.

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