David Hite


Managing Partner, B37 Partners, LLC

About David

David is a Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm focused on investing in early stage, innovative and disruptive technology companies that have global potential.They believe that operating with a global context is fundamental and necessary to achieve colossal scale.David has created 15 startup teams in 11 countries and considers himself multi-cultural, having lived in 8 countries and worked in 25. As such, he has broad industry contacts who are able to provide market access. He understands and appreciates the nuances of emerging markets, cultures and languages based on 22 years immersed in foreign countries.David has built and directed startups and startup teams as well as large, complex organizations driving multi-billion dollars of revenue. His functional experience spans the manufacturing line to the brand, engineering development to CEO, channel development and sales to Chairman of the Board.

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