Greg Isaacs


SVP Native and Entertainment, Corbis

About Greg

Greg serves as the Senior Vice President at Corbis. Owned by Bill Gates, Corbis Entertainment’s mission is to uniquely empower brands by leveraging unrivaled access to the world’s premium entertainment content. To realize this mission, Corbis Entertainment has developed the world’s first branded entertainment network (BEN) allowing instant access to placement opportunities across all entertainment media. Prior to this role, Greg was the SVP of Age of Learning, an award-winning desktop and mobile experience for early learners (ages 2-7) called ABCmouse offers a full online curriculum in the subjects of reading, mathematics, science, social studies, art and music.Over his career, Greg has gained extensive experience in managing many facets of business and technology. Greg joined the NFL after serving as VP and GM at AT&T Interactive. Prior to AT&T, Greg ran Product Management at Vantage Media and LeadPoint, two early stage Internet marketing companies.

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