Jean-Claude Junqua


VP of Innovation & Product Development, Panasonic

About Jean-Claude

Jean-Claude is a global executive who build and lead multidisciplinary and multicultural teams with experience in U.S.A, Europe and Japan. He is a creative entrepreneur within a large international company who consistently is on the cutting edge of technology with an emphasis on the creation of an innovation culture and new business opportunities for consumer electronic and B2B.Jean-Claude is passionate about innovation and collaboration, creating change to adapt to new market conditions, generating new ideas and bring them to life through detailed market analysis, strategic planning, and measured results. He currently working in the area of Long Term Care and Seniors for Panasonic. His work includes managing a multidisciplinary team, leading strategy and developing partnerships to create an ecosystem based on a holistic view of health. In doing so, Jean-Claude focuses on solutions and new service models taking advantage of hardware capabilitiesHe is an expert in open innovation and how it can accelerate the pace of new business creation. Jean-Claude strongly believes that providing a sense of mission brings meaningfulness to work.

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