Jeremy Blum


Hardware Astronaut, Google Global

About Jeremy

Jeremy Blum is presently a “Hardware Astronaut” at Google X, where he focuses on electrical design and advanced prototyping for Google Glass. Jeremy has applied his passion for electrical engineering to design solar home energy monitoring systems, revolutionary fiber-optic LED lighting systems, and sun-tracking smart solar panels. He is also responsible for helping to start a first-of-its-kind entrepreneurial co-working space that contributes to the development of dozens of student start-ups (including some of his own creation) every year.Jeremy has designed award-winning prosthetic control methods, gesture-recognition systems, lighting control algorithms, and building-automation systems, among many other things. He designed the electronics for the MakerBot Replicator 3D printers (which are used by people around the world, and by notable organizations such as NASA), and the prototype electronics and firmware for the MakerBot Digitizer 3D Scanner. As a researcher in the renowned Creative Machines Lab, he has contributed to the creation robots that can assemble themselves, self-learning quadrupedal robots, and 3D printers that redefine personal manufacturing.

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