Ketan Patel


CEO, SyTrue

About Ketan

At SyTrue, Ketan and his team take the black-box of Clinical Natural Language Processing (cNLP) and exposed it to the moving parts to the world. Their vision is to commodotize this technology and enable all health players (providers and consumers) to easily share information across the entire health care landscape.Ketan helps to organize and normalize the entire spectrum of health information to enable clinical decision support, healthcare business intelligence, artificial intelligence & machine learning, and large data set visualization. He is passionate about utilizing emerging technology to tackle growing healthcare needs.After completing his residencies in Family and Emergency Medicine, Ketan joined Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital (Windsor, Ontario) as an Emergency and Trauma physician.Ketan and his team have been conducting research and development in the areas of Genomics and Personalized Medicine (the use of predictive genetic tests in long-term health planning) and workplace injury case management.

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