Matthias Wagner


Product Advisor, We Create Stuff

About Matthias

Matthias is a serial company starter and builder – using creativity and technology to disrupt the status quo with products that people love to use. Startups and technology have been the center of his life for the past 15 years, in which Matthias was fortunate to build over 10 companies and launch a lot of innovative products in the entertainment, consumer/enterprise internet and mobile space.Matthias teaches enterprises how to be more innovative, and startups how to launch products that customers love. He specializes in lean/agile Product Management, Product Strategy, UX Research, and UX Design. Fun fact: Matthias created the Crazy Frog ringtone which achieved worldwide Number One-selling chart position in UK, Germany, Australia, USA and many other countries and revenue of over $700M.

Areas of Expertise

Design Thinking

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