Myk Melez


Technical Lead, Mozilla

About Myk

Myk Melez has been working with Mozilla since 1999, when he started using the browser as a DHTML application platform. In 2000 he wrote ForumZilla, a weblog reader, and since 2001 he has been working as a webtools hacker for He was responsible for numerous improvements to Bugzilla including its enhanced attachment handling and code-review request features, and he wrote Doctor, a web interface for updating’s CVS-based web site. Lately he’s been experimenting with XUL interfaces to web applications, f.e. Bugzilla duplicates report, Bugxula, and tinderstatus. He is also the author of two XUL tutorials, Creating a Mozilla Extension and Using Remote XUL.Myk is passionate about app and software development and is skilled in exceeding expectations with technical teams. His depth of technical experience allows Mike to lead engineering teams and ensure high-quality project deliverables.

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