Rodrigo Sanchez Servitje


Managing Partner, B37 Partners, LLC

About Rodrigo

Rodrigo is a Managing Partner at Bridge 37 Ventures. Bridge 37 is a Venture Capital firm focused on investment in innovation that revolutionizes the status quo and the people committed to creating new realities. He is passionate about innovation and how it can positively change people’s lives. Rodrigo considers that being a bridge between pioneering entrepreneurs and smart money is both a privilege and a great responsibility.Rodrigo has been an investment professional for the last 10 years. He has invested on behalf of and represents some of the world’s most recognized business leaders. Be smart and be honest is the code on which he has built professional relationships. Rodrigo continues to manage money for great people at Bridge 37.Rodrigo has worked in many fields, including Venture Capital, Investment Banking and Marketing and in projects both in the United States and Mexico. His functional experience has been building and managing investment pipeline, coordinating analysis and due diligence processes, as well as strategy development and implementation for Small and Medium Enterprises.

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