Sean Bonner


Co-Founder and Global Director, Safe Cast

About Sean

Sean Bonner is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur, journalist, activist and enthusiast.He has been featured in Cool Hunting, GOOD, Wired, Playboy, Salon, Forbes, AP wire, been included in Yahoo!’s Best of the Web and the Good 100, and has spoken at conferences, events, and coffee shops around the world.As co-founder and global director of Safecast (an open global sensor network currently monitoring radiation levels in Japan), Sean spends a lot of time thinking about maps and data these days. He is part of the multimedia art/music collective Cross My Heart Hope To Die. He co-founded Coffee Common (a coffee education brand collaboration launched at TED 2011) and Crash Space (a Los Angeles hackerspace) and sits on the board of CicLAvia. He has been a regular contributor to BoingBoing as well as written editorials for MAKE, Al Jazeera and others. He maintains a regular link filled mailing list.A frequent speaker, Sean explores topics ranging from lifestyle hacks to blogs, media, and grassroots journalism. As co-founder of Bode Media Inc, Sean helped create Metblogs, the first global network of local media sites. Prior to all this, Sean helped build the groundbreaking contemporary art gallery sixspace exhibiting artists such as Glen E. Friedman, Shepard Fairey, Coop, Chad Robertson and others. He also ran a record label and produced several records by Hot Water Music and Less Than Jake to name a few. He’s managed a design firm, worked as Sr. Designer for and Creative Director for Victory Records. Way before that he was a dishwasher.

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