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Online Courses

Online Courses are multi-week learning experiences that are facilitated by
live moderators, giving you access to knowledge at your fingertips.

Online Courses Bundle Blue

Starting September 6th:
The Exponential Foundation Series Bundle

The Exponential Foundation Series is available as a three-course bundle designed to transform your mindset and gather the essential tools you’ll need to create lasting change. You’ll start by reframing your perspective on global technological and economic landscapes. Next, you’ll explore shifting trends across those sectors. Then, you’ll use your new insights to create potential futures for yourself and your community. Finally, you’ll learn how to put your ideas to the test and turn theory into action.

Duration: 12 weeks (2-3 hours per week).

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Thinking Blue

4 weeks (part-time)

Foundations of Exponential Thinking

Explore the latest advancements in exponential technology, learn how to think exponentially, and develop skills that will help you thrive in this innovative era.

Foresight Blue

4 weeks (part-time)

Practicing Exponential Foresight

Learn practical foresight skills to impact your preferred future. Explore new ways to look at challenges, and collaborate with a global innovation ecosystem.

ImpactLab Blue

4 weeks (part-time)

Impact Lab

This set of moderated experiences will enable people interested in particular global grand challenges to share the experience of developing impact projects.

Online Courses Bundle Blue

12 weeks (part-time)

The Exponential Foundation Series – Bundle

Propel your exponential journey with three exciting courses in one track: Foundations of Exponential Thinking, Practicing Exponential Foresight, and Impact Lab.

Behavioral Blue


4 weeks (part-time)

Understanding Behavioral Transformation

Learn new behavioral change models that have been proven in large organizations, nonprofits, and startups, and see how to use them to spur transformation and innovation.

On-Demand Classes

On-Demand Classes are 2-3 hour learning experiences that include
learning resources, class activities, and video content from world-
renowned experts.

Khali Osiris

Surpassing Limitation with Khalil Osiris and Dr. Makaziwe Mandela

$100 | 2-3 hours (self-paced)

Available: August 27th

Description: Honoring Nelson Mandela’s life work, Khalil Osiris and Dr. Makaziwe Mandela believe everyone has the ability and responsibility to change the world. In this class, you will explore factors influencing our behavior, consider the values we aspire to live by, and learn how to use the Positive Change Model to navigate challenges.

Nico Sell

How-to-Hack for Kids…and Executives with Nico Sell

$100 | 2-3 hours (self-paced)

Available: August 13th

Description: Nico has trained VIPs from around the world how to hack, including those at the White House, US Congress, and the World Economic Forum. In this class, Nico will be joined by the best hackers in the world to teach you their specialty skills. You’ll acquire three basic hacker skills: lock picking, SQL Injection, and brain hacking.


Symbiotic Systems: Designing an Inclusive Future with John Wise

$100 | 2-3 hours (self-paced)

Available: August 27th

Description: John Wise, CEO & Chairman of the Board of LOCI, Inc, will introduce you to symbiotic systems. Learn how everything from AI to Global Finance can be designed to create synergy and mutual benefit, empowering consumers, businesses, investors, and innovators for sustained growth across disciplines.

Francisco D'Elia

The New Industrial Revolution with Francisco D’Elia

$100 | 2-3 hours (self-paced)

Available: September 18th

Description: Uncover the impact that climate change is having on the pillars of our global economy. This class showcases initiatives that are reshaping how humans connect business with nature while addressing fundamental questions, such as: How to feed the next billion people? How to make ecosystems profitable?

My biggest learning: I feel like I have a much better handle on technology trends, the timing of innovation and impact exponential thinkers can have on the world.

— Mitch Talenfeld, CEO, MDT Marketing

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