Assessment to Help Identify Innovation Leadership Traits

How well do you handle ambiguous situations? Are you a Chaos Pilot who leads the charge? A Chaos Survivor who thrives in uncertain conditions? Or a Chaos Counselor who fosters an innovative culture? Companies today struggle to build great teams. Take this assessment with your team to understand your roles and accelerate your work.

Feel Empowered

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Take Risks

Take Risks

Boost Productivity

Boost Productivity

When I read that I was a Chaos Survivor, it helped me see that I was a problem solver, but needed to develop my leadership skills to lead the charge on crucial innovation projects within my organization.

Why Take It?

Many organizations face challenges that hinder innovation. Does yours?

  • Employees don’t feel motivated
  • Employees don’t feel empowered to take risks
  • Managers fear that innovation will distract employees
  • Teams aren’t driven for change
  • Teams aren’t constructed to innovate
  • The organization lacks the key to innovation: collaboration
Unique Abilities
Discover Your Unique Abilities
Learn Where You Can Improve
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What’s Your Innovation Superpower?

Chaos Pilot


Pilots solve problems by meeting new points of view, ideas, questions, and people. They never lose focus on the goal. They’re passionate about guiding teammates toward the best outcomes and delivering big results.

Chaos Survivor


Survivors thrive in ambiguous situations. They work tirelessly to solve a problem with no specific direction or outcome. When they’re told to “go and figure it out,” they respond quickly and confidently. They’re not afraid of failing fast and often.



Counselors comprise the majority of members on any given team regardless of industry, tenure or role. They’re essential to coming up with transformative ideas. They prefer a clear roadmap and are great at turning ideas into reality.

Lufthansa’s Talent Transformation

Lufthansa’s challenge was to transform a hierarchical corporate culture into one that resembles its own startups with the agility to recognize, respond to, and leverage disruptive opportunities. Their goal was to partner trainees and experienced managers to drive innovative ideas, products, services, and processes across the company. They wanted to be recognized as a brand that is driving a bold new vision for aviation that attracts and retains the best talent in the world.

“We wanted to find a way to awaken our managers to a vision for the future that is vastly different from what we see today. It’s critical to impress upon them that the passenger and cargo business we have today is changing and may not be our business in the future if we are to survive and thrive. . . . SU was the beginning of the change, the beginning of making a stronger combined workforce.”

— Susanne Berthold-Neumann, Project Leader, ProTeam Traineeship at Lufthansa

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