Discover Your Team’s Behavior Patterns for Successful Innovation

Chaos Navigator is an innovation assessment tool rooted in the behavioral sciences that will help you understand how your employees cope with transformation, ambiguity, and uncertainty.

The assessment identifies where individuals fall within the Chaos Continuum: Chaos Pilots, Chaos Survivors, Chaos Enablers, or somewhere in between. Individuals will receive information about how to magnify their roles and partner with those on their team showcasing different abilities. Managers will receive an aggregate report of their team’s results and recommendations on how to develop and leverage each role.

This information will allow your team or organization to target employee development and optimize team construction to become more innovative — no innovation lab needed!

Create an Environment That Fosters Transformative Innovation

Human behavioral patterns are often the largest barriers to creating successful organizational innovation. Learn how our assessment can help you build innovation-capable teams that propel your organization forward.

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