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While leaders recognize they need to improve their capacities for both innovation and collaboration dramatically, it appears that few of them know what to do to accelerate their performance in these two critical strategic competencies.

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of leaders see their current business model as being at risk of disruption.1

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of leaders indicated that a risk-averse culture was preventing their organization from innovating.1



of leaders admit that their organizations are missing crucial growth opportunities.2

(1) McKinsey Global Innovation Survey. (2) 2015 Accenture Survey.

One of the essential elements of innovation is an organization’s capacity to make uncommon connections and partners. Innovation is more likely to happen when people from different backgrounds, industries, and organizations exchange ideas than from the isolated activity inside of an individual organization or company.

It’s Time to Move at Unprecedented Speed

Singularity’s digital memberships for organizations serve as a strategic guide throughout our members’ innovation journey, activating SU’s global ecosystem and an exclusive peer network to empower our members to keep pace in our exponential times and tackle the biggest challenges facing business and society.


Transform your organization’s leaders through highly-curated content from SU’s network of experts worldwide to uncover the emerging technologies, trends, and business models impacting every industry, alongside the experts, entrepreneurs, and executives that are leading the way.



Member organizations have a unique opportunity to expand your network with cross-industry leaders, entrepreneurs, futurists, technologists, and Singularity University certified experts in specially curated experiences – online and offline (future) – throughout the year.


Singularity’s digital memberships are a launchpad for audacious projects, initiatives, and solutions that will prepare your organization to thrive in the 21st century. Create a compelling future-focused Strategic Narrative for your organization, serving as a compelling call-to-action and a guide to focus your disruptive innovation initiatives.

After participating in SU's event, I feel inspired and at the same time challenged (in a positive way) than ever to drive change.

Transform Your Organization with SU’s Digital Memberships for Organizations

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Transform and Gain Clarity of What’s Possible

Transformation can’t happen without insights into the realm of the possible. SU’s Memberships provides a unique opportunity that begins with discovery and exploration. Learn the latest in emerging technologies, frameworks, initiatives, both successful and failed, and mindset shifts required to transform an organization into an innovation culture.

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Collaborate and Create Uncommon Partnerships

Truly disruptive ideas rarely come from within your company – or even within your industry. Singularity’s memberships provide the ideal setting for leaders to collaborate and develop uncommon partnerships. SU’s members learn and partner with other individuals, member companies, experts, and startups to drive change within their organizations.

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Take your Ideas and Shape a New Future

There is no innovation without experimentation. Whether through engagement with over community members, Expert Live Webinars, SU On-Demand 1:1’s or connections to a world-class network of partners, SU’s digital memberships for organizations is a platform for professionals and companies to take their ideas and make an impact in their companies, communities, governments, and families.

Accessible for any Organization

SU’s digital members come from all types of industries, including startups, non-profits, governments, NGOs, and the leading companies from around the world dedicated to staying a step ahead of the technological curve. If you want to join the world’s largest, intellectually rich, and purpose-driven community, then join today.


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