How Well Do You Know Ray Kurzweil’s Predictions?

We created a fun quiz to test your knowledge of Ray Kurzweil’s predictions.

Spoiler alert: the answers are below, so be sure to take the quiz first!

Quiz questions and answers:

  • We will multiply our intelligence a billionfold by linking wirelessly from our neocortex to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud by which year?  (Answer: 2045)
  • By which year will cancer and viral & bacterial diseases will be defeated?  (Answer: 2033)
  • By which year will solar energy become the major source of energy on the planet? (Answer: 2028)
  • By which year will we spend considerable time in virtual and augmented realities allowing us to visit with each other – and touch each other – even if we’re hundreds of miles apart? (Answer: 2025)
  • By this year, 3D printers will print human organs using modified stem cells with our own DNA providing an inexhaustible supply of organs and no rejection issues. (Answer: 2025)
  • By what year will computers pass a valid Turing test, making them indistinguishable from human intelligence in a conversation? (Answer: 2029)
  • By which year will we be able to manufacture nanobots that will monitor our health? (Answer: 2030)
  • By which year will the common use of nanoproduced food mean that the availability of food will no longer be affected by limited resources or bad crop weather? (Answer: 2049)
  • Beginning in which year will medical technologies add an additional year every year to our remaining life expectancy? (Answer: 2029)
  • By this year, 3D printers will print clothing at very low cost, with many free open source designs, and create a new market for buying downloadable clothing files. (Answer: 2025)
  • By what year will artificial intelligences claim to be conscious and openly petition for recognition of that fact? (Answer: 2029)
  • By this year, the computation needed to functionally emulate the human brain will cost about $1,000. (Answer: 2025)

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