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When Will We Edit Our Own DNA?

When Will We Edit Our Own DNA?

Explore how our ability to read and edit DNA is rapidly advancing. This learning path explains how gene editing works, highlights recent studies in the human embryos, and discusses the ethics of germline engineering in humans.

When Will We Edit Our Own DNA?

Blast into the Future with SU, SciFi & Design Thinking

Learn more about how visionary leaders can look to science fiction for inspiration, and how SU uses design thinking and SciFi Design Intelligence to chart a course for the future for a wide range of organizations during disruptive times.

When Will We Edit Our Own DNA?

How Will Automation Affect Me?

Explore the topic of job automation and discover how the future of work will look different in unpredictable ways. Fears about robots taking human jobs have existed for decades. How can we best prepare? What will jobs in the future look like?