Could This Be A Solution To The Obesity Epidemic: Food In A Pill

Jun. 26, 2019

Founder, Dan McGuire, serial inventor and entrepreneur, came up with the idea whilst on the Singularity University Global Solution Program (sponsored by Google) where he lived on the NASA Ames Research base in Mountain View along with 90 of the smartest PhDs, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs to work on solutions to solve climate change.

Alphabet is betting big on moonshots but so are startups

Jun. 5, 2019

"I understand why when people look at this from the outside they say it's a little random. The bets seem disconnected and somewhat disjointed," said Pascal Finette, chair of entrepreneurship and open innovation at Singularity University, which focuses on the future. "But if you peel back the layers, I think you can see how a lot of the pieces actually fit nicely together."

10 things you need to know this morning in Australia

Apr. 24, 2019

A new startup program has been launched to help Australian’s move their startups from quick returns to long term impact. Singularity University is one of the world’s biggest venture capital accelerators and the new program is going to open up the “university” to the APAC region. The program uses Australian tech giant, Cochlear, as a shining example of what Australian innovators can achieve.

Future-Proof Your Career for the Digital Age

Apr. 10, 2019

Videos on YouTube can offer an overview, such as Abundance, by Peter Diamandis, founder of Singularity University. Attending courses, conferences and seminars on innovation and technology are also informative and will connect you with a network of other professionals working to navigate this new terrain.