Singularity University Announces 17 New, 21 Renewal SingularityU Chapters

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – July 11, 2019 – Singularity University, a global community with a mission to educate, inspire, and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to help solve humanity’s grand challenges, has announced the formation of 17 new community Chapters and 21 Chapter renewals. The addition of new Chapters in Bangladesh, Trinidad & Tobago, and Sri Lanka brings the total number of SingularityU Chapters to 172 in 72 countries.

New SingularityU Chapters have been formed in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates; Abuja, Nigeria; Adelaide, Australia; Ahmedabad, India; Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala; Betim, Brazil; Brisbane, Australia; Canberra, Australia; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Debe-Penal, Trinidad & Tobago; Dhaka, Bangladesh; Erode, India; Fairfield-Westchester, USA; Guarulhos, Brazil; Pucon, Chile; Ribeirão Preto, Brazil; and Washington DC Metro, USA.

Chapter license renewals have been granted to Bogotá, Colombia; Bordeaux, France; Campinas, Brazil; Cascais Lisbon, Portugal; Cordoba, Argentina; Curitiba, Brazil; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia; Manila, Philippines; Monterrey, Mexico; Porto Alegre, Brazil; Salamanca, Spain; San Jose, Costa Rica; Sydney, Australia; Trieste, Italy; Trivandrum, India; Vancouver, Canada; and Vienna, Austria.

There are now 25 Chapters located across the United States, and growing interest and community membership has led to the addition of a second Chapter in four countries: Chile, Guatemala, Nigeria, and United Arab Emirates.

Chapter application and review periods occur quarterly, with the Q3 Chapter application process opening today, July 11th. Innovators interested in supporting the SU mission by establishing a SingularityU Chapter can learn more by visiting

“The global network of Chapters at Singularity University hosts events in their local communities to explore and develop skills around the ideas of exponential technology, social impact, and abundance,” said Dharmishta Rood, Singularity University’s Managing Director of Community. “By participating in these events, attendees gain access to a network of impact-driven peers, mentors, and potential collaborators from a wide range of professional experiences including entrepreneurs, policymakers, designers, academics, and business and NGO leaders.”

The newly approved SingularityU Abuja Chapter in Nigeria is jumping straight into the mix by holding its Chapter Launch today at the Redbridge Healthcare Innovation Place (RHIPFactory) in Abuja, Nigeria, at 6pm local time. Interested members of the public are invited to attend.

Chapter leadership teams represent a diversity of perspectives and experiences and demonstrate community-building skills that align with overall SingularityU Chapter goals. New Chapter and leadership team information is listed below, and you can read about these Chapters in their founders’ own words on the SU Blog.

New SingularityU Chapters and leadership teams

SingularityU Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates)

Anas Zeineddine, David Provenzani, Gozde Demir, Hanan Khaldi, Maria del Mar Navarro, Mohammed Shahin, Dr. Mohammed Adnan

SingularityU Abuja (Nigeria)

Ighodalo Eromosele, Joshua Agbomedarho, Mariam Chukwuemeka, Patricia Eromosele, Paul Omugbe

SingularityU Adelaide (Australia)

Craig Swann

SingularityU Ahmedabad (India)

Nirav Shah, Sameer Sinha

SingularityU Antigua Guatemala (Guatemala)

Alessandra Menezes Rodrigues, Daniel Roman Caceres, Erick Quan, Leandro Mauricio Porras, Rafael Davini, Yara Morales Trujillo, Ziomara Estrada

SingularityU Barcelona (Spain) (renewal, new license holder)

Jordi Mañé

SingularityU Betim (Brazil)

Daniel Vidigal, Paulo Henrique, Rodrigo Carneiro, Vinicius Debian

SingularityU Berlin (Germany) (renewal)

Hendrik Brandenburger, Thorsten Linz

SingularityU Bogotá (Colombia) (renewal)

Carlos Castellanos, Claudia Aparicio, Isabel Espinosa, Juan Carlos Guaqueta, Santiago Pinzón

SingularityU Bordeaux (France) (renewal)

Aidan O’Brien, Bertrand Bussac, Pierre Segalen

SingularityU Brisbane (Australia)

Olena Tymchenko, Rodney Persky

SingularityU Campinas (Brazil) (renewal)

Daniel Cobianchi, Mauricio de Campos Bueno, Stefanie M. Falconi

SingularityU Canberra (Australia)

Belinda Newham, Carly Hayes, Craig Barnard, Paul Grant

SingularityU Cascais Lisbon (Portugal) (renewal)

Francisca Pereira, João Mil-Homens, Luís Franco, Maria Pedro Silva, Ricardo Marvão

SingularityU Colombo (Sri Lanka)

Fazal Fausz, Subramaniam Eassuwaren, Upamali Perera

SingularityU Cordoba (Argentina) (renewal)

Horacio Caceres, Laercio Simões

SingularityU Curitiba (Brazil) (renewal)

Osmar Zózimo De Souza Jr, Francisco Rodrigues Gomes

SingularityU Debe-Penal (Trinidad & Tobago)

Pramilla Ramdahani

SingularityU Dhaka (Bangladesh)

Amit Islam, Anik Al Fahad, Mahid Hasan

SingularityU Erode (India)

Nazar Khan, Ommsharravana Sendamaraai, Prasanna Krishna Subramanian, Siva Balakrishnan

SingularityU Fairfield-Westchester (USA)

Devone McLeod, Doug Kuring, Robert Reby

SingularityU Guarulhos (Brazil)

Avelino Nader, Leandro Correia, Matheus Pinheiro de Oliveira e Silva, Ricardo França, Roberto Ueno, Rodrigo Azevedo

SingularityU Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) (renewal)

Ahmed Taibah, Alaa Al-Sharif, Duaa Al-Sharif

SingularityU Manila (Philippines) (renewal)

Benjie So, Dino Lising, Jasen Ko, Venu Kotamraju

SingularityU Monterrey (Mexico) (renewal)

Eduardo Valdez, Jorge Lerdo de Tejada, Manuel Alejandro Sanchez

SingularityU Porto Alegre (Brazil) (renewal)

Cristian Basilio De Almeida, Diana Werlang, Leandro Pompermaier, Marcelo Paes, Maria Julia Bezzi, Rafael Prikladnicki, Renato Cunha

SingularityU Pucon (Chile)

Pilar Dueñas, Rafael Viana

SingularityU Ribeirão Preto (Brazil)

Eduardo Cicconi, Matheus Lima, Priscila Santarosa, Reneide Melo

SingularityU Salamanca (Spain) (renewal)

Marjorie Hernandez De Vogelsteller, Sylvia Taudien, Teresa María Alarcos Tamayo

SingularityU San Jose (Costa Rica) (renewal)

Maricel Saenz, Priscila Chaves Martinez

SingularityU Seoul (Korea) (renewal, new license holder)

Dong Ho Hwang, Juno Ko, San Ko, Tony Lyu

SingularityU Stockholm (Sweden) (renewal, new license holder)

Alex Baker, Lennaert van Dijke

SingularityU Sydney (Australia) (renewal)

Bucky Beyer, Kelly Knueven, Lucy Buchanan, Peter Corbett

SingularityU Trieste (Italy) (renewal)

Georgios Kourousias, Giovanni Loser, Guido Bortoluzzi, Roberto Pugliese

SingularityU Trivandrum (India) (renewal)

Anoop Thomas, Ashok Kurian Panjikaran, Binu Koshy, Deepu S Nath, Dr Jayasankar Prasad C, Dr Saji Gopinath, Varun Geethamony

SingularityU Vancouver (Canada) (renewal, new license holder)

Eesmyal Santos-Brault, Greg FitzGerald, Min FitzGerald, Soushiant Zanganehpour

SingularityU Vienna (Austria) (renewal, new team)

Margit Berner, Petra Hauser, Philip Gabriel

SingularityU Washington DC Metro (USA)

Bevon Moore, Corina LJ DuBois, David Bray, Jennifer Wappaus, Jim Schleckser, Matt Devost, Paul Pagnato, Teri Cochrane


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