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Are You Ready to Change the World?

The Global Solutions Program (GSP) is our flagship program serving innovators from a wide diversity of backgrounds, geographies, perspectives, and expertise. At GSP, you’ll get the mindset, tools, and network to help you create moonshot innovations that will positively transform the future of humanity. If you're looking to create solutions to help billions of people, we can help you do just that. Come find your tribe.

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Program Details

The Global Solutions Program (GSP) is a 9-week immersive, residential experience at our campus at NASA Research Park in Mountain View, CA. GSP brings together dreamers and inspired solvers with unique skill sets, experiences, and passions, and empowers them to develop moonshot innovations addressing humanity’s grand challenges by leveraging exponential technology and entrepreneurial tools. 

Specifically, GSP exists to foster the development of viable startups (for-profit or not-for-profit) that will positively impact the lives of a billion people in 10 years or less. If you attend GSP, you’ll have a remarkable opportunity to learn about exponential technologies and their broader societal implications; grow into global innovators and thought leaders; and build a strong, diverse community of friends for life who share your commitment to solving the world’s biggest problems.

New for 2017

This year, the GSP has two big changes: (1) climate change is the overarching theme, and (2) we have a new collaboration with XPRIZE.

We selected the climate change theme because it has consequences for every industry, geographic region, and way of life. Even if you don’t consider yourself a climate change authority or innovator, your skill set can probably help mitigate the effects of climate change. If you’re already passionate about impact or working in the impact space, you can create a moonshot innovation to address this urgent global problem.

We will not require participants to innovate in the climate change space, and welcome people from all disciplines to apply, but this theme will inform the program curriculum. We are looking for applicants from ANY technology or science discipline because we know a challenge as huge as climate change can only be solved within the convergence of multiple disciplines and exponential technologies. 

Our collaboration with XPRIZE will give you an extraordinary opportunity to tap into the wisdom and expertise of the best minds working in this field today and their established network of funders. 

How does GSP uniquely prepare me to build a moonshot startup?

The GSP is a highly dynamic and action-oriented experience that integrates learning, skill-building, and networking in the following core areas:


What happens after GSP?

GSP and Global Impact Challenges (the winners of which attend GSP) are entry points to a longer entrepreneurial journey that founders and teams can take with SU. Following GSP, you and your fellow participants will join the SU community of alumni and our growing global innovation ecosystem. Selected teams will also have an opportunity to enter our incubator program. An 8-week residential program, our incubator transforms early-stage innovations with the greatest potential for success into startups with minimum viable products. Once these startups gain traction, teams may apply to our startup accelerator program, which aims to help founders network, expand, and accelerate their ventures to scale. 

If you’re applying to GSP, you have an amazing opportunity to alter the trajectory of your life and career as a founder of a startup. Therefore, you should be prepared for a long-term undertaking that starts with launching a startup around your team project and continues wherever the journey may lead post-GSP.

More questions? Check out our handy FAQ.

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"[Going] through SU changes the way you view the world and, for me, it says that you're someone who is playing a much bigger game." 

—Dr. Peter H. Diamandis

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Who Should Apply

People who are driven to solve the world’s biggest problems.

Do you feel like a misfit? Are you constantly coming up against conventional wisdom about the world? Do the people around you not believe that the world can be a better place? 

Then this is where you want to be. At GSP, you’ll meet others who share your passion—89 amazing, talented people who are ready to team up with you to develop remarkable innovations. At GSP, we empower you and your peers with the mindset, skillset, and network to build breakthrough solutions leveraging exponential technologies.

We look for people from all professional backgrounds, but will be really thrilled to find you if:

  • You’re an accomplished entrepreneur, technologist, scientist, or change agent with expertise in your chosen field(s)
  • You have a background in or a passion for addressing climate change or are working to address any of the direct or indirect effects of climate change, such as governance, security, sustainable water supplies, and alternative food or energy sources 
  • You’re already considering how to leverage exponential technologies to create positive impact in the world 
  • You’re committed to the long-term journey of launching an impact-focused startup  

Note: Individuals typically apply to GSP, but we do accept a limited number of team applications (for teams of 2-3 people with a consistent track record of working together in successful startups).

Are we describing you? If so, we definitely want to hear from you! 

Questions? Please see our FAQ.

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We Catalyze Future Companies

We’re very proud of our GSP alumni and the companies they’ve created

Through this program, we’ve helped launch companies that are 3D printing in space and using drones to deliver goods in low-income countries. They’re using machine learning to predict dengue outbreaks in Rio de Janeiro.

Check out the videos below to see what some of our companies are doing post-GSP. You won't want to miss what happens in 2017.

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"The heart and soul of Singularity University is its Global Solutions Program. You can see the passion and enthusiasm that the students bring — the staff and the faculty contribute to that as well — building an ever larger community, and it's a thrill for me to be a part of it." 

—Dr. Ray Kurzweil

Co-Founder & Chancellor

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