Startup Incubator

Where ideas grow up and become startups

Entrepreneurs have a choice that greets them at the start of every day: They can choose to take an idea and run with it as far and fast as they can, or they can simply let it remain an idea forever. We choose to run, at SU, and we can help support you if you make that same choice.

In fact, moonshot companies need a lot of support to harness an idea and turn it into something tangible. Every day brings a new challenge, a new pain point, and a new chance to abandon it all for something safer. That’s where our incubator comes in. It's the safety net that will give your idea a fighting chance to thrive. From leadership training for founders, to structure and foundation for companies, to a powerful ecosystem for innovation and execution, our incubator program nurtures and develops the startups that dare to turn an idea into a minimum viable product and beyond.

"We believe Singularity University has one of the few well-positioned incubators with solid management to execute the operations and help start-up companies reach their goals."

—Paul Mahal

CEO, Stanford Ventures, LLC

How We Help

We turn talking into doing

An intensive 8-week program, our incubator is designed to further solidify the transformation of the strongest team ideas from SU’s Global Solutions Program (GSP) into viable startups. Teams are selected based on their powerful idea, the effectiveness of their pitch, and the strength and commitment of the founding team members. Each founding team is expected to bring diverse skills, including deep domain expertise and proven business acumen. 

Our incubator provides the platform, network, structure, and guidance to empower these leaders to validate their ideas, gel as a team, experiment and prototype their MVP, and help them deliver exponential impact. The teams are challenged and held accountable with practical milestones and deliverables, with the majority of their time being spent leveraging Singularity University’s ecosystem to build their companies. The program culminates with a Demo Day showcasing the companies and their innovative impact solutions.

For example, companies in our incubator are:

  • Creating an affordable, off-grid, solar powered fridge to serve the 1 billion+ people without electricity
  • Using AR and VR to help train teachers in student-centered learning techniques
  • Protecting satellites by using autonomous robotics to collect, redistribute, and remove orbital debris
  • Promoting early diagnosis through AI and toilet sensors that can detect colon cancer 
  • Addressing micronutrient deficiencies with a portable device that uses microbial engineering and digital manufacturing to grow nutrients at home.

Meet Our Exponential Startups

Watch the videos below and be inspired by the stunning work these startups are doing to create positive impact in the world.

Next Steps

Get on our radar

All incubator companies are selected from the GSP graduating classes. To be considered for this program, start by applying to the GSP. We’ll be waiting for you on the other side. 

And if you’re a later-stage venture (or know of great ones that you want to refer to us), check out the SU Labs Startup Accelerator.

We’re always on the lookout for great mentors to work with our startups. If you’d like to work with one of these great companies, join our mentor program and share your expertise.