3-day immersions to discover your role in creating an abundant tomorrow

Design Your Impact

The tools for transforming our future are here. How will you harness them to propel your business—and you—forward?

Embark on a journey with your brightest peers to reignite your creativity, reframe your perspective, reimagine solutions and respond to our world’s greatest challenges.

Attend Re[solve] to reset your vision as an exponential leader and make immediate impact for your world, your business and you. Each Re[solve] focuses on a different global grand challenge (GGC) to reveal areas ripe for disruption.

Re[solve] is not a lecture series. It’s not a conference. It’s an immersive experience that unfolds an interactive story and you have a role to play. This is sci-fi grounded in reality. See the possibilities and examine their consequences.

Join SU faculty, expert practitioners, and a cohort of passionate, impact-focused peers, in a thought-provoking and action-oriented experience at our headquarters in Silicon Valley. Be ready to Re[solve] and find your resolve.

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Choose the Challenge. Begin Your Journey to Impact.

Each Re[solve] focuses on one or more of our world’s most pressing challenges. Inaugural programs target energy and environment, learning, and food.


Your program also includes exclusive access to Understanding Exponentials, an online course that will jump start your transformation to becoming an exponential and world-changing leader. 

Upcoming Programs

Re[solve] Energy + Environment

How can we provide ample, accessible and sustainable energy for the needs of humanity? How can we practice sustainable and equitable stewardship of Earth's ecosystems for optimal functioning?

November 1–3, 2017
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Price: $5,000


Re[solve] Learning

How can we enable access to information and experiences that build knowledge and skills for all—at all stages of their lives—for personal fulfillment and benefit to society?

November 8-10, 2017
Silicon Valley, California, USA
Price: $5,000


Re[solve] Food

How can we facilitate the consumption of sufficient, safe, and nutritious food to maintain healthy and active lives—for all people—at all times?

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Silicon Valley, California, USA
Price: $5,000

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Impact, the Bottom Line, and Beyond

Where do you go to find big ideas? How will you know if your company’s vision is sufficiently audacious?

With so much pressure to achieve short term results, it can be easy to focus on only incremental solutions.

As technology rapidly changes the landscape of our industries, our companies must evolve. Leaders must learn to think exponentially. Incremental gains are no longer enough. It’s time to refocus; to lean into bigger challenges. The world’s greatest challenges have become our greatest opportunities.

Today our technological advancements are not evenly distributed. What if your company had the resolve to bridge that divide? What possibilities would emerge? How might you alter your industry or even our humanity?

In the near future, the most precious non-renewable resource we have will be time. How will you spend yours? This is your time.


What is the current schedule?

Re[solve] Energy & Environment - November 1-3, 2017
Re[solve] Learning - November 8-10, 2017
Re[solve] Food - Sign up to be notified about our future Food program.

Hear about—and suggest new topics for—our upcoming programs!


The program fee of $5,000 includes all sessions, meals, and local transportation to and from program activities (for those staying at our partner hotel) for your three-day program. Lodging is not included, but you’ll receive a discounted rate at the hotel.​

Where will the programs be held?

The program will be held at Singularity University's classrooms in Silicon Valley.

I’ve already attended a Singularity University program. Should I attend this program?

Already attended another SU program such as an Executive Program or Summit? This program is a deeper dive into important areas of interest.

This is a hands-on, experiential program that is designed to leverage your previous knowledge of exponential thinking.

All participants are invited to refresh their understanding of the SU foundational framework prior to arrival via our new online coursework.

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