Articles: Foreseeing The Future: How Sci-Fi Lets Us Ideate To Reality

Remember the Jetsons’ vacuum robot? Or Star Trek’s replicator?

We created a fun quiz to see if our Singularity University (SU) community would know whether 10 iconic technologies from popular sci-fi movies and TV shows are actually real or still the stuff of Hollywood magic.

What happened next was something entirely surprising.

In fact, the quiz responses were so varied that Nick Davis, VP of Corporate Innovation at SU, started asking quite a few philosophical questions, such as: At what point does anything become “real?” Follow Nick as he muses on the power of engaging with the SU community–a group of like-minded people who regularly attempt to foresee a future reality–and the treasure trove of insights they come up with about that future. Then take the quiz (link in article) to test your own knowledge!

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Foreseeing The Future: How Sci-Fi Lets Us Ideate To Reality