Ebooks: A Framework for Leading in Today’s World

To thrive in a world where change is the only constant, leaders need to replace old thinking with a new framework.

In these times of accelerating change, it’s no longer enough to be an exceptional leader. You must be an exponential leader. Such leaders use the skills and behaviors of futurists, innovators, and technologists to improve the lives of the people they touch, and society as a whole. They also act as impact drivers to think beyond the needs of their own organizations.

In A Framework for Leading in Today’s World, we offer a comprehensive examination of Singularity University’s exponential leadership framework and share the critical skills leaders must learn to become exponential leaders who can successfully navigate a rapidly changing world. You’ll discover the skillset, toolset, and mindset required to inspire and empower both the individual and the organization to adapt and evolve.

In addition to presenting the four pillars of exponential leadership, we also look at real-world examples of exponential leaders in action, examine how they’re impacting change at their organizations and for the betterment of our world, and provide actions you can take today to start leading exponentially.

What’s inside?

Understand why the most successful leaders embrace the skills, practices, and behaviors of futurists, and start applying some essential tools and frameworks now:

  • Understand the limits of linear thinking
  • Learn how you can apply the “cone of possibilities” framework that futurists use to construct forecasts to inform your business strategies
  • See how you can start to create preferred futures for yourself and your organization
  • Get our expert tips on how to be more comfortable with ambiguity

Explore how exponential leaders act as innovators, and learn how you can discover new ideas through creative ideation and rigorous experimentation:

  • Read a mini-case study about Amazon and gain key insights about the role of leadership in effective innovation
  • Learn about the best mindset for innovation and how to cultivate it
  • Discover how you can make meaningful cultural changes at your organization to support—and even teach—innovation

Discover how exponential leaders are also technologists, and learn how to identify and adopt relevant emerging technologies:

  • Get our expert insights about how to survey your competitive landscape
  • See how you can forecast when a technology will mature
  • Understand how you can thoughtfully evaluate the consequences of emerging technology on your life and business—and on our world

Learn how and why exponential leaders create impact, not as through separate corporate social responsibility efforts, but as part of the integrated company mission:

  • Explore the types of investments and business models that can help create 10x growth while helping solve some of humanity’s most urgent challenges
  • Explore how you can use emerging technologies to unlock new possibilities by liberating scarce resources
  • Learn how leaders like Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff model core their values internally and externally

At Singularity University, we elevate exceptional companies into exponential enterprises that can thrive amid chaos and uncertainty, and we provide the tools, frameworks, and leadership models to help you future-proof your organization.

See how we can help transform your organization into an exponential enterprise with leaders who are prepared to tackle the coming changes and seize new opportunities.

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A Framework for Leading in Today’s World