Ebooks: Now Playing: The Exponential Future of Entertainment

Spoiler alert: The future of entertainment is here, thanks to AI, augmented reality, and virtual reality!

Entertainment has evolved beyond sit, listen, and watch. Today, we can choose a movie’s ending. Or, we can attend a virtual concert with 10 million other fans. The ways in which we entertain ourselves and interact with the world around us are changing exponentially. We have the option to play games against artificial intelligence, work in a remote-based augmented reality, and even assume a new identity. This shift, in turn, has massive implications for organizations in and adjacent to the entertainment industry, including consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers, game developers, and so many others.

In this ebook from Singularity University, Now Playing: The Exponential Future of Entertainment, you’ll get a close look at some key trends and exciting innovations that are already making their mark.

What’s inside?

Discover the exponential technologies reshaping entertainment that companies in the space need to be aware of and planning for, including the following trends:

  • Artificial intelligence as an artist, gamer, and potential political propagandist
  • Gaming as a platform for virtual concerts
  • The role of blockchain in gaming
  • The impact of VR & AR, not only on our work and daily life but also our personalities

Grab some popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the ebook! We promise that a thrilling ride awaits you as you expand your awareness of exponential technologies in entertainment and see the implications of these changes to your organization, industry, and life.

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Now Playing: The Exponential Future of Entertainment