Enterprise Customer Stories: American Electric Power (AEP) Instills and Rewards Exponential Innovation as Employees Deliver Solutions for Customers

American Electric Power (AEP), founded in 1906, delivers electricity and custom energy solutions to nearly 5.4 million customers across 11 states.

In 2016, Mark McCullough, the company’s EVP of Generation, participated in a Singularity University (SU) Executive Program. Then other AEP leaders participated in a custom program at SU that shared valuable innovation frameworks and resulted in the development of a playbook for implementing exponential methodologies and thinking.

With the help of SU, AEP had a new framework for innovation and an approach to tap into the company’s most important asset, its employees. Working with SU, the company held an Open Innovation Challenge to crowdsource new ideas to meet customer needs. Expecting to get 250 applications, AEP received more than 400 submissions from 600+ employees—and the results were astounding.

Read this case study to find out how the company took ideation to a new level by tapping into its employees’ creativity to bring remarkable new ideas to market.

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Learn more about the SU programs featured in the case study:

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