Graphic Novels: SciFi D.I.: Design Intelligence for the Future of Home

Science fiction is a powerful tool for envisioning the future—but also for building it.

What would the future be like if the world’s greatest challenges were solved? In SU’s Science Fiction Design Intelligence (SciFi D.I.) workshops, innovators, designers, writers, and futurists work to understand the future capabilities of current technologies, generate new concepts based on these capabilities, and build optimistic new worlds based on this shared understanding.

In this book, you’ll explore one of these worlds in the pages of a graphic novel envisioning the future of home in 2030. Home sustains us and provides a safe place to recharge and be nurtured—it gives a sense of stability in a chaotic world. What will that mean in the future? What will change and what will stay the same? Follow along as protagonists Roda, Tsai, Nia, and Tulsi guide us through their world wearing exo-suits, linking up to the neural net, and living in adaptive homes whose space dynamically reconfigures itself based on its inhabitants’ needs.

You’ll also learn more about what inspired the workshop and take a deep dive into the methodologies behind SU’s Design for Exponentials (D4X) and SciFi D.I. design strategies. Why is sci-fi a powerful tool for envisioning and building the future and solving the GGCs? How can we update our innovation strategies to match today’s rapid pace of change? And how can anyone, anywhere pick up the SciFi D.I. toolset and build a better world? Find out here.

What’s inside?

Read this book to:

  • Learn about how science fiction can help us envision and build the future
  • Imagine what life will be like in 2030 with an original sci-fi graphic novel
  • Understand how to update innovation strategy to match today’s pace of change
  • Acquire the tools to use science fiction design in your own projects

At Singularity University, we envision a world where everyone has access to information and experiences that can build knowledge and skills for all people at all stages of their lives, both for personal fulfillment and to benefit society.

See how we can provide the tools, frameworks, and leadership models to help you create exponential and sustainable solutions that positively impact the future of learning.

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SciFi D.I.: Design Intelligence for the Future of Home