Industry Insights Reports: Exponential Trends in Energy

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We’re on the cusp of a global energy revolution—a second industrial revolution powered by developments in renewable energy generation. Solar, wind, smart grids, electric vehicles, and new storage options are fundamentally changing the way we produce and use energy. The convergence of these technologies means we are headed towards a future where energy is cheaper, cleaner, and more accessible to all.

In this industry insights report, we highlight innovations in current energy technologies and explain how they are converging to power exponential growth in the energy industry. We also take a look at technologies a little further out on the horizon that have real potential to change how we make and use energy and shine the light on key startups to watch that are changing the face of the energy industry.

What’s inside?

Explore the key current trends in the energy industry—and some of the startups already seizing opportunities to exploit them:

  • Why solar continues to earn its hype
  • Important progress in storage tech solutions
  • The incredible cost calculus of electric vehicles
  • How smart grid technology reduces peak energy demand
  • The disruptive and exponential potential of virtual power plants

Get our expert take on the emerging trends in the pipeline:  

  • Lighting the way with space-based solar power
  • Moving past silicon chips through materials science and multiferroics

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Exponential Trends in Energy