Industry Insights Reports: Exponential Trends in Fintech

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In today’s culture of instant gratification and rapid access to the world’s data, traditional banks find themselves increasingly at odds with a new generation of digital natives. Over the past decade, fintech startups like Credit Karma, Venmo, and Stash have evolved from single-function solutions to offering multiple services in more lucrative sectors of banking. To meet soaring customer expectations, many traditional banks are turning to startups to gain the speed and agility to keep up in a rapidly evolving industry.

In this industry insights report, we look at how improvements in online banking—driven by fintech startups—are revolutionizing the “front-end” or consumer-facing aspects of banking. We also look at advances in technology that may further change how customers interact with their banks and some of the startups on the forefront of this change.

What’s inside?

Explore the key current trends in financial services that exponential technologies and fintech startups are driving:

  • How tech giants are creeping into the financial sector
  • Why customer loyalty can no longer be counted on
  • The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to cut costs significantly
  • How the industry is leveraging APIs to efficiently meet demand
  • The potentially dramatic impact of blockchain

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Exponential Trends in Fintech