Industry Insights Reports: Exponential Trends in Healthcare

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Technological innovation in both pharmaceuticals and diagnostics is solving health problems around the world. We’re seeing major advances in terms of what we can cure, while medical technology is evolving to help deliver this care globally. Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), smartphone-peripheral diagnostics, and basic internet access are converging to expand the reach of care, and trends such as digitization and automation are helping ensure we can solve the healthcare concerns of billions.

In this industry insights report, we highlight innovations in current healthcare technologies and explain how they are converging to power exponential growth in the healthcare industry. We also take a look at technologies a little further out on the horizon that have real potential to change how we both provide and consume healthcare, and shine the light on key startups to watch that are changing the face of the healthcare industry.

What’s inside?

Explore the key current trends in the healthcare industry—and some of the startups already seizing opportunities to exploit them—and get our expert take on the emerging trends in the pipeline.

Topics in this report include:

  • The impact of genomic data on healthcare
  • How artificial intelligence is revolutionalizing prevention, diagnosis, and treatment
  • The advent of new service delivery mechanisms to expand the reach of healthcare
  • The effect of mobile computing penetration on the healthcare industry

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Exponential Trends in Healthcare