Reports: Smart City Startups: Market Landscape Report

Over 50% of the world’s population now lives in urban areas for the first time in history. Although cities are a main driver of economic growth—attracting citizens with access to jobs, education, entertainment, culture, and other amenities—rapid urbanization comes with many challenges.

Growing populations are straining infrastructure, unemployment puts pressure on government resources, and crime in urban areas continues to demand solutions. To meet these demands, cities are beginning to incorporate disruptive technologies to solve metropolitan challenges. These smart cities exist on the intersection of digital technology, disruptive innovation, and urban environments.

This data-rich, 59-page report, jointly produced by Singularity University and NCT Ventures, explores the smart city market and how municipalities, public-private partnerships, corporate incumbents, startups, and investors are working together to build the smart cities of tomorrow. We also focus on the landscape from the perspective of how early-stage technology entrepreneurs and venture capitalists can help drive advancements and adoption of smart city technologies in regions while creating jobs and generating wealth in their communities.

What’s inside?

Discover why startups in the smart city landscape are best positioned to bring disruptive technologies and business models to the market, delivering better, cheaper solutions to cities by:

  • Understanding the outlook, barriers to growth, and market size
  • Learning how VCs and private investors work with startups to create innovative solutions
  • Reading a detailed case study of public-private partnerships that are transforming Ohio’s cities
  • Exploring profiles of a dozen impressive startups in various segments of the smart city space
  • Learning about key venture capital firms and accelerators that are actively investing in the space
  • Seeing how corporate teams from MachineQ, Cisco, Amazon, and Verizon are partnering with cities and startups to effect positive change
  • Reading about 18 city initiatives around the world that are solving persistent challenges in security, traffic management, WiFi hotspots, smart lighting, open data, autonomous vehicles, citizen engagement, and more

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Smart City Startups: Market Landscape Report