Startup Customer Stories: Ourotech Develops Revolutionary Way to Treat Late-Stage Breast Cancer

The majority of women treated for late-stage breast cancer receive the wrong treatment in the first year because the only way to see if one of 30 FDA-approved drugs will work is for the patient to try it to see what happens.

For the co-founder of Canada-based startup Ourotech, this wasn’t good enough. After two close relatives had to endure the trial-and-error method to treat their late-stage breast cancer, he set out to find a better way after he realized the hydrogels he’d been researching at the University of Waterloo could be part of the answer.

After learning about Singularity University (SU), the Ourotech co-founders applied to SU’s Startup Accelerator in 2016, and upon acceptance, joined the program in early 2017.

Read this case study to find out how the Ourotech team, working with SU, made valuable connections with pharmaceutical company representatives, cancer researchers, and other experts; learned how to secure funding for their startup; and developed a plan to bring their revolutionary late-stage tumor testing solution to market.

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Learn more about the SU programs featured in the case study:

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“The biggest issue that SU helped me plan for was how to secure funding for every stage of our company, so we could continue growing as a company in an industry where the sales cycles and the development times are so long.”— Duleek Ranatunga, Co-founder of Ourotech