Startup Customer Stories: Sanzfield Invents Faster, Cheaper, and Greener Process for Treating Residential Septic Wastewater

At least 25 percent of U.S. homes rely on septic systems, and more than 33 percent of new homes are being built with them. Many of these septic systems are beginning to fail at an alarming rate, resulting in untreated water runoff entering our water table, lakes and streams, and into the oceans.

When Canada-based startup Sanzfield Technologies entered its wastewater innovation in a Water Challenge co-sponsored by the California Governor’s Office and Singularity University (SU), the company had no idea what would happen next.

Not only did Sanzfield’s innovative water sanitation process catch the attention of one of the Water Challenge judges, Mexico City-based Rotoplas—one of the world’s leading water technology companies—but as one of the top performers at the Water Challenge, Sanzfield was also invited to attend SU Ventures’ Incubator at Singularity University’s Silicon Valley headquarters.

Read this case study to learn how Sanzfield’s team, working directly with SU faculty, global water experts, and Rotoplas, further validated their ideas, built teams, and designed and prototyped their solution during the intensive 10-week program—and eventually received a significant investment from Rotoplas to form a joint venture, Sanzfield USA.

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“We loved the SU design department and had a eureka moment when we spent time with them designing a component of our product...It was really inspiring for us to see that we could move forward quickly on developing the product. We learned so much from them.”— Bob Brill, President and Co-founder of Sanzfield Technologies