Startup Customer Stories: X2AI Builds a Chatbot Helping People Around the World Cope with Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

Meet Tess, the chatbot helping people around the world cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

Mental illness impacts 25 percent of people at some point in life. Therapy can be expensive, and mental illness carries a cultural stigma that makes it hard for individuals and families to seek treatment.

In response, mental healthcare startup X2AI developed Tess, a text-based psychological AI chatbot that supports mental health by responding to people experiencing stress, depression, addiction, and thoughts of suicide via customized text conversations.

When X2AI’s founder was ready to commercialize his AI application, he decided that Singularity University (SU) and its global community could help him connect with experts to refine Tess, help her scale, and get her to market faster to begin making a real and positive difference in the world.

Read this case study to learn about X2AI’s journey with SU Ventures and how the startup benefited from SU’s global network to connect the company with medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, hospitals, clinics, and more, to deploy Tess in a multitude of locations around the world.

At Singularity University, we work with startups at the intersection of exponential technologies and global impact. We take a long-term approach to helping them build high-growth, sustainable businesses. SU Ventures provides exclusive bootcamps, sprints, and other programs that promote breakthroughs, accelerate milestones, and help entrepreneurs succeed.

Whether you’re starting an early-stage venture, scaling a startup, or innovating inside a large company with thoughts of a spinoff, see how we can help your idea take flight.

Learn more about the SU programs featured in the case study:

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“I believe Singularity University works so well because it has the experts who can educate people about new technologies, and it attracts large companies that may not have participated in exponential technologies before but now want a conservative way to test the exponential waters. These large brands are looking for smaller companies like X2AI that are successful and creating value for others. They then slowly adapt our cutting-edge technology into their own businesses where they become part of the core offering and assets. ”— Michiel Rauws, CEO of X2AI