Videos: Designing the Future of Home with SciFi Design Intelligence

Singularity University’s Science Fiction Design Intelligence (SciFi DI) Workshop is a compelling, unique approach to innovation that we use at Singularity University. In this video, participants collaborate during a three-day workshop to develop an informed vision for the future of home.

Working with faculty, science fiction writers, illustrators, designers, technologists, and futurists, the group created new ideas to bring a new vision of what home will look like in the future. Watch the video to find out how the workshop impacted participants from different organizations and across multiple verticals, and the key learnings they came away with from their experience.

Want to see how you might turn science fiction into science fact at your organization? Watch the video to see why Airbus, Lowe’s, Bayer, and other amazing companies come to SU to see and shape the future. 

At Singularity University, we elevate exceptional companies into exponential enterprises that can thrive amid chaos and uncertainty, and we provide the tools, frameworks, and leadership models to help you future-proof your organization.  

See how we can help transform your organization into an exponential enterprise with leaders who are prepared to tackle the coming changes and seize new opportunities.

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