Webinars: Exponential Equity: Building and Scaling Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs

Singularity University’s Women’s Impact Network (WIN) is thrilled to present a dialogue on building opportunities for inclusivity in entrepreneurship. WIN passionately works to increase access to the information and tools that enable communities around the world to support women and female-identifying folks in achieving their highest potential.

To meet these aims, WIN offers an Exponential Equity Webinar series featuring people working on solutions related to gender, diversity, inclusion, justice, and equity—and thoughts on how to scale these efforts exponentially.

This webinar addresses the topic of building and scaling opportunities for women entrepreneurs. You’ll hear an important dialogue between Barbara Silva and Gary Urteaga, along with WIN co-chairs Molly Pyle and Stacy Maldonado.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn how creating opportunities for female entrepreneurs has shifted the global business marketplace
  • Discover the role that leaders can play in increasing exponential equity
  • Understand strategies you could employ to tap into and support existing diverse and inclusive environments for entrepreneurs in your local ecosystem

At Singularity University, we are united in our common purpose to empower a diverse global community of nearly 200,000 leaders, entrepreneurs, and inspired solvers working to tackle humanity’s most urgent challenges and achieve success in an era of unprecedented disruption. We support our community and clients through empathy and acceptance, and we are cultivating a new kind of customer hero through our innovative and transformative programs. Fulfilling our mission entails a commitment to inclusivity, diversity, and genuine acceptance.

To that end, we will hire, promote, work alongside, cheer for, bond with, and warmly welcome into the SU family all persons without regard to ethnic and racial identity, indigenous heritage, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, marital status, veteran status, genetic information, or any other legally protected status.

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About the Speakers

Barbara Silva

Barbara works as the CEO of @Singularity University Chile Summit. She is a catalyst of innovation ecosystems and a business development designer, helping businesses leaders and governments to learn and implement innovations inside their organizations and face the digital transformation. She has lived and worked in Chile, Mexico, USA, Colombia and Denmark. She is passionate about tech for global impact.

Gary Urteaga

Gary is the founder of Holosens, where he has incubated and mentored Startups which have received research and development grants, and seed capital from accelerators like Wayra, 500 Startups from Silicon Valley, Startup Chile, Startup Brazil, Startup Mexico, Startup Peru, and angel investors. Urteaga is the Vice President of Business Development LATAM @Fandango NBC Universal.

Stacy Maldonado

Stacy is Program Manager for the Global Solutions Program (GSP), and previously held roles as Speaker Manager and Operations Manager. Previous to SU’s GSP, Stacy managed Casa Joaquin, a multi-ethnic residential leadership program for UC Berkeley students, and supported the HOPE Leadership Institute, a statewide leadership program for women who aspire to run for office. Stacy moved to the Bay Area from Los Angeles to attend UC Berkeley, where she earned a degree in American Studies with an emphasis on Consumer Society & Globalism.

Molly Pyle

Molly is Senior Manager of International Summits. Prior to SU, she worked for the Institute of International Education on the TechWomen program, a State Department initiative bringing women leaders in STEM from 20 countries to Silicon Valley for professional development and entrepreneurship training. Molly graduated with a Master’s from Columbia University and holds Bachelor’s degrees from Florida State University.