Webinars: GSP: How to Transform Your Startup into a Scalable Global Business

The Global Startup Program (GSP) can help you scale your startup into a 10x global business, connect you with a world-class network, and accelerate your time-to-market. This on-demand webinar will give you a complete overview of the program and help you determine if you and your startup are a good fit.

Watch this on-demand webinar to:

  • Learn how the program will help you scale your startup globally and create impact at the billion-scale
  • Gain a clear understanding of the GSP and know if it’s right for you
  • Get a detailed introduction to the 12-month GSP journey (Activate, Accelerate, and Connect) and the program goals and content
  • Learn key program details—dates, locations, the faculty who will transform your thinking—and understand what’s included in the program fees
  • Discover the leaders and innovators you could one day call your friends and colleagues
  • Hear from previous founders who have been successful working with SU about what made the GSP so valuable
  • Learn about our sponsorship program that could help cover costs
  • Hear answers to commonly asked questions
  • Learn how to apply

At Singularity University, we work with startups at the intersection of exponential technologies and global impact. We take a long-term approach to help them build high-growth, sustainable businesses. SU Ventures provides exclusive bootcamps, sprints, and other programs that promote breakthroughs, accelerate milestones, and help entrepreneurs succeed.

Whether you’re starting an early-stage venture, scaling a startup, or innovating inside a large company with thoughts of a spinoff, see how we can help your idea take flight.

Learn more about the SU programs featured in the webinar:

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GSP: How to Transform Your Startup into a Scalable Global Business

About the Speakers

Monique Giggy

Monique is the Vice President of SU Ventures, where she works closely with impact-focused startups that are solving world problems with technology. She has served as an advisor and entrepreneurship coach, Venture Partner, and CMO, and has started and invested in several companies. After the sale of her company, Swing by Swing Golf, the world’s most popular and successful mobile golf app, Monique participated in the 2014 GSP, where she fell in love with SU.

Darlene Damm

Darlene’s excitement about SU started when she participated in the 2011 GSP and became an early co-founder of Matternet—one of the world’s first companies using drones for commercial transport and delivery of medical goods in the developing world. In 2012, she also founded DIYROCKETS, the first company to crowdsource space technology. Over the last two decades, Darlene has led organizations and initiatives in the field of social innovation. She now focuses on helping companies address our world’s global grand challenges.

Luis Santiago

Luis attended first attended GSP in 2012, and he’s excited to share his experience with you! Louis is Co-Founder and CEO of INFORMATIK, an ISV with a special focus on implementing mobile computing, RFID, wireless, and radio software using blockchain. He’s an incredible engineer and tech entrepreneur working on a crypto-network designed to help organizations transition into a fully digital and autonomous contract-based society.

Molly Pyle

Molly is the Senior Program Manager of SU Ventures, where she helps support and scale startups using exponential tech to tackle the world’s most pressing problems. Prior to SU, she worked for the Institute of International Education on the TechWomen program, a State Department initiative bringing women leaders in STEM from 20 countries to Silicon Valley for professional development and entrepreneurship training. Molly graduated with a Master’s from Columbia University and holds Bachelor’s degrees from Florida State University.