Webinars: Preparing Your Family to Succeed in an Exponential World

Exponential Families is an entirely new team within Singularity University dedicated to empowering families to shape a better future. Our individual families play a unique role in the world around us. Families everywhere are shaping the next generation of leaders to drive the world and their legacies forward.

In this on-demand webinar, SU’s Chipp Norcross and Gabriel Baldinucci introduce the Exponential Families program and explain how this program can prepare your family for an exponential world, stay ahead of the exponential curve, create and preserve family wealth, structure your business for innovation and disruption, and prepare the next generation for success.

Watch this on-demand webinar to learn:

  • How SU can help your family become aligned around your strategic vision for the future
  • The important trends and opportunities that can protect your family’s legacy and philanthropic work
  • Whether your family is a good fit for this program and how to join us

At Singularity University, we prepare leaders to thrive amid uncertainty and empower them to lead their organizations into bold new futures with valuable tools, frameworks, and leadership models not found elsewhere.

See how we can help your organization become exponential, with leaders who are prepared to tackle the coming changes and seize new opportunities.

Learn more about the SU programs featured in the webinar:

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Preparing Your Family to Succeed in an Exponential World

About the Speakers

Chipp Norcross, Vice President, Family Programs and Learning

As Vice President of Family Programs and Learning at Singularity University, Chipp steers the organization’s focus on providing families with the perspective, knowledge, and tools they need in our exponential age. As a father of two, husband, son, and sibling who works in the heart of Silicon Valley, Chipp has a unique perspective not only on the opportunities for technology to bridge generations that have grown up in dramatically different worlds.

Gabriel Baldinucci, Executive Director, Exponential Families

Gabriel works across the organization in a number of capacities. He works closely with the CEO to develop and implement SU’s overall strategy, including growth, structure, corporate development, M&A, and international expansion. Gabriel also works closely with different business units on product strategy and new product development. Additionally, he focuses on strategic issues, projects, and challenges across the organization to ensure the success of SU’s overall plan and mission.