Startups can go from 2-person teams to completely disrupting an industry in a matter of months. While large companies have significant advantages over startups, it’s challenging for them to be as fast and nimble as emerging ventures.

At Singularity University (SU), we help innovators at large companies experience firsthand what it takes to think and act like a startup while leveraging the strengths of a large company.

Program Details

The Secure Erie Accelerator is helping to foster cities of the future through a unique partnership among cities, corporations, and startups. This is a first-of-its-kind startup accelerator focused on solutions for securing the massive amounts of data and devices needed for smart cities, leveraging the latest best practices in startup accelerators as well as our incredible roster of faculty experts, mentors, and coaches throughout the 10-week structured program. By learning how to combine the power of bold thinking and exponential technologies, participants will learn how to develop innovative solutions to urgent problems facing our cities and our world.

Benefits of Participating

Your company can participate in the Secure Erie Accelerator as a partner or a sponsor. Partners can send internal innovation teams to incubate internal ideas alongside the startup teams. During this intensive sprint, the corporate and startup teams will learn from the world’s leading experts in their field of focus, gain customer feedback, and iterate their solutions to achieve product-market fit and position for scaling as they collaborate to build a smart city of tomorrow as part of a $1.5 Trillion market opportunity.

Corporate partners:

  • Brand exposure at Demo Day and VIP Kickoff Reception, Lunch and Learns, and Mentor Meals
  • Positioning as a global innovation supporter through brand exposure at SU/EID programs facilities, events, and the global website (package-dependent)
  • Access to the startups, partners, mentors, and leading innovation ecosystem players at the Gala Finale for the Secure Erie Accelerator
  • Exposure to a diverse pool of later-stage startups through gatherings and virtual meetups of the Secure Erie Accelerator  alumni ecosystem
  • Ability to connect with startups at facilitated Open Calls where EID/SU facilitates a day of 1:1 meetings typically with later-stage startups in an office hours setup
  • Promotion of updates, activities, and events through SU/EID marketing channels, including newsletters and social media channels
  • Deep connections with leading technology investors, mentors, and partners along with events and workshops
  • Blogs produced and distributed in collaboration with SU/EID as thought leaders around a certain topic(s)
  • Access to SU/EID  accelerator space via shared hotdesks and priority rights to conduct innovation off-sites (additional cost may apply)
  • Ability to participate in the final selection and judging phase to closely align team participants with your company’s smart city security objectives
  • Customized introductions targeting your innovation criteria to not only teams but also the total applicant pool
  • Ability to place a hold designation for one company to be made part of the final cohort, assuming acceptance of the offer by that startup

Corporate sponsors:

Sponsors can participate in the program in a variety of ways, such as by serving as mentors to the founders and lending their expertise to the startup teams. We can work with you to create other types of involvement, depending on your interests.

Join us in building the cities of tomorrow, and in the process benefit from an exceptional opportunity to deepen your company’s innovation capabilities.

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