Startups can go from 2-person teams to completely disrupting an industry in a matter of months. While large companies have significant advantages over startups, it’s challenging for them to be as fast and nimble as emerging ventures. At Singularity University (SU), we help innovators at large companies experience firsthand what it takes to think and act like a startup while leveraging the strengths of a large company.

Program Details

The SU Smart City Accelerator is helping to foster cities of the future through a unique partnership between cities, corporations, and startups. This one-of-a-kind program leverages the latest best practices in startup accelerators, as well as our incredible roster of faculty experts, mentors, and coaches throughout the 10-week structured program. By learning how to combine the power of bold thinking and exponential technologies, participants will learn how to develop innovative solutions to urgent problems facing our cities and our world.

Benefits of Participating

Your company can participate in the SU Smart City Accelerator as a partner or a sponsor. Partners can send internal innovation teams to incubate internal ideas alongside the startup teams. During this intensive sprint, the corporate and startup teams will learn from the world’s leading experts in their field of focus, gain customer feedback, and iterate their solutions to achieve product-market fit and position for scaling, as they collaborate to build a smart city of tomorrow as part of a $1.5 Trillion market opportunity.

Corporate partners:

  • Send intrapreneurs through the accelerator to innovate a new company concept or initiative alongside teams of talented entrepreneurs
  • Innovate outside of corporate walls, away from red tape and in a more agile environment
  • Develop new competencies among innovation leadership team to behave more like startups
  • Learn how to apply our unique exponential technology expertise and methods to further develop new products and services, test the customer experience, and begin scaling in-market
  • Get a first look at startups working on disruptive innovations in the industry, with opportunities to partner or acquire
  • Leverage the global SU community for mentorship, support, and resources

Expected program outcomes for corporate partners:

  • Accelerated traction for internal projects
  • Creation of new products or services from internal teams
  • Improved innovation capability via trained intrapreneurs

Corporate sponsors:

Sponsors can participate in the program in a variety of ways, such as by serving as mentors to the founders and lending their expertise to the startup teams. We can work with you to create other types of involvement, depending on your interests.

Join us in building the cities of tomorrow, and in the process benefit from an exceptional opportunity to deepen your company’s innovation capabilities.

Founding Partners

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Ready for a Conversation?

So are we! We have great startups in the accelerator, and there are opportunities for you to get involved. Please share your contact information, and we’ll be in touch to start exploring how we might work together.