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Moving from Idea to Scale

Accelerating innovation to build exponential solutions

In the next two decades, we'll encounter the greatest transitions any generation has ever had to face. Technological disruption is reshaping every industry and every business model we’ve ever known.

Singularity University Labs (SU Labs) is the place where leaders and changemakers from across the globe come to ideate and innovate solutions to their—and the world’s—most daunting problems.  

Awareness of emerging technologies like AI, robotics, nanotech, and digital biology, to name just a few, isn’t enough to lead the change necessary to keep up. You need to act with bold innovation. When you come to SU Labs, you’ll jump into action with our proven tools and transformative curriculum, unique resources and facilities, and industry experts and innovation gurus. Whether you’re from a large multinational, a startup, a development organization, government, or other sector, we offer programs to meet your needs wherever you are along your journey from idea to scale. Start transforming your organization at SU Labs, and be among those shaping, not reacting to, the future. 

“It’s sort of like the Disneyland of science and technology meets real world thinking.”

—Blair Palmer

San Francisco Lab Lead, UNICEF

How We Help Large Organizations

Transforming from business-as-usual to exponential

We’ll help you ideate exponential business ideas at a Disruption Workshop and/or Science Fiction Design Intelligence Workshop. Dive deep into a specific technology or trend with our intensive Exponential Tech & Startup Radar offering. Crowdsource breakthrough ideas and concepts via Open Innovation Challenges that leverage the brainpower of your own team and/or our global innovation ecosystem.

Once you’re ready to build a solution, a Prototyping Sprint will help you build prototypes to test big ideas. With a Team Incubation Sprint, you can send your team(s) to work with us and learn how to prototype and test disruptive ideas. When you have a tested prototype, our Corporate Accelerator will help you prepare your minimum viable product to scale in market. Next step: a Business Model Sprint will help you determine the best business model and organizational structure to commercialize it. 

Learn more about how we can help your organization start creating future-changing solutions that solve significant global problems.

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How We Work with Entrepreneurs and Startups

Moving from ideas to exponential startups

We support startups applying exponential technologies to solve the world’s most intractable problems, from creation all the way through to scale. Startup teams receive guidance, resources, and access to a vast global network that will catalyze new ideas ready to prototype, test, and launch, and then accelerate their path to scale.

Already have the beginnings of a unique idea that can improve the lives of millions of people? Enter a Global Impact Challenge and, if selected, you’ll get an opportunity to transform your idea into reality at the Global Solutions Program or SU Ventures! 

You can also apply directly to our world-renowned Global Solutions Program (GSP), which convenes a group of the world’s most talented solvers to develop new ideas, build teams, and prototype game-changing solutions. If you attend GSP and emerge with a really promising idea, you can apply to SU Ventures, where we’ll help you validate your ideas, prototype your MVP, and get it ready for market.

Once you’ve got a working prototype and are ready to scale, SU Ventures can also help you achieve product-market fit and start down the path to growth, as well as support you throughout your journey as a startup, regardless of what path you’ve taken. You’ll get access to our growing network of other stellar founders and startups already changing the world. 

Begin your entrepreneurial journey at any point with us and we’ll help you take the next step on your epic path to greatness.

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