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Singularity University is grateful for the 23,000+ people that attended from all over the globe that participated in this informative and inspiring event. Singularity’s three-day virtual summit shared facts, facilitated discussion, our experts answered questions, and addressed your concerns around COVID-19—as well as the impact of outbreaks, epidemics, and pandemics—in a measured and thoughtful way.

This event humanized what is happening around the world. Our experts shared practical steps to manage fear and uncertainty surrounding your health and work, and uncover strategies for adapting to future challenges like COVID-19, as well as the long-term impacts they have on society.

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Recorded Sessions

March 16: Introduction to COVID-19 & Current State of Affairs

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Day 1 – Opening Remarks | Adam Hofmann
Everything you need to know about COVID-19, tracking epidemics, and vaccine development strategies | Dr. Divya Chander
Perspectives from Responding to Other Outbreaks including SARS, Monkeypox, and Influenza | Dr. David Bray
 State of the Global Response to COVID-19 | Dr. Daniel Kraft
A practical guide to staying healthy during COVID-19 | Nell Watson
Slowing contagion | Amory B. Lovins
Curing Diseases & DNA | Raymond McCauley
Pandemics and resilient cities | Dr. Robert Muggah
Leadership in the Time of COVID-19 | Elie Losleben
Bold Choices and Rapid Innovation | Julia Cheek


March 17: Future Implications and Considerations

Day 2 – Opening Remarks | Adam Hofmann
How crowdsourcing and mobile devices helped to monitor epidemics during the 2014 World Cup and Olympics 2016 | Onicio Leal Neto
Digital Identity in Times of Epidemic | Dr. Mariana Dahan
Food for Earth: unleash the regenerative power of food during and beyond the CoronaV-ERA | Sara Roversi
Emerging Digital technologies for Epidemic management: obstacles, opportunities and outcomes | Dr. Sonny Kohli
How can you use data to monitor your lifestyle (from food to exercise) to boost your body’s resilience against diseases? | Sabine Seymour
Why Authoritarianism is Bad for Public Health | Alex Gladstein
The Future of Safe Living in Self-Reliant Neighborhoods | James Ehrlich
The Future of the Past: The Coronavirus Pandemic and the New Normal | Jamie Metzl
How AI can be leveraged for the increasing threats of future pandemics | Bradley Twynham
Polarizing the positive and negative of pandemics and putting it into action | Lisa Andrews


March 18: Business Impact, Leadership, & Strategies for Today

All times are PST

Day 3 – Opening Remarks | Adam Hofmann
Using Virtual Worlds in a Time Of Travel Disruption | Aaron Frank
Five Ways Your Leadership Must Change To Thrive With Disrupted Distributed Teams | Charlene Li
Remote & Distributed Work During Crises | Gary A. Bolles
Crisis Mode Education: How to Make the Most of Learning in a Global Pandemic | Jos Dirkx
Opportunities for more automation and remote delivery of goods and services | Peter Xing
Updates from the field: How governments and organizations are responding | Dr. Eric Rasmussen
Strengthening your company’s resilience against existential threats | Chipp Norcross & Paul D. Roberts
Fake news and media’s role in global emergencies | James Del
How you can take action during times of uncertainty | Christina Gerakiteys
Complexity: How leaders can navigate unpredictable situations | Catherine Brown & Chipp Norcross
Closing Thoughts | Dr. Tiffany Vora


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Presenters Include

Dr. Divya Chander


Dr. Tiffany J. Vora

Vice Chair of Medicine & Digital Biology

Dr. Eric Rasmussen

Disaster Resilience, Global Health

Raymond McCauley

Digital Biology

Dr. Mariana Dahan

Identity Management

Dr. David A. Bray

Impact, Disruption

Dr. Robert Muggah

Security, Smart Cities, Data Visualization

Elie Losleben

Diversity & Inclusion, Leadership, Health

Dr. Sonny Kohli

Medical Devices & Wearables

Onicio Leal Neto

Disease Detective

Alex Gladstein

Blockchain, Governance

Jamie Metzl


James Ehrlich

Smart Cities, Environment

Charlene Li

Leadership, Disruption, Customer Experience

Gary Bolles

Future of Work

Aaron Frank

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Peter Xing


Lisa Andrews

Finance, Business Models

Christina Gerakiteys

Transformative Purpose, Impact

Paul D. Roberts

Senior Director, Innovation Design and Strategies

Resources Shared by Presenters and Participants

On Monday, March 16, over 17,000 people came together online to learn about COVID-19, its effects and implications from experts, faculty and practitioners in the field. Below is a compilation of resources suggested by Singularity University, presenters, and participants. We hope you find it useful. Feel free to share. Open to all.
We will be updating this frequently. Check back for updates.


About COVID-19 (General)


Mental Health






How You Can Get Involved

  • Be-novative – multiple COVID-19 related challenges posted
  • Waze for COVID-19 app – Dr. Daniel Kraft
  • Folding at Home – Stanford; donate your unused computational power to help researchers design new therapies
  • MIT Solve – challenge prompt: “How can communities around the world prepare for, detect, and respond to emerging pandemics and health security threats?”
  • The University of Washington has created a puzzle game to crowdsource solutions for building a protein that could block the virus from infiltrating human cells
  • Online communities are setting up Facebook groups to create open-source medical supplies including an open-source ventilator
  • MIT SOLVE has launched the Coronavirus Health Security Challenge
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Wellcome and Mastercard set up a $125 million fund for identifying, assessing, developing and scaling up treatments
  • Polyplexus Coronavirus Incubator to mitigate spread and impact of pandemic
  • NextStrain – recommended by Raymond McCauley; real-time tracking of pathogen evolution
  • For anyone working on any aspect of research around COVID-19, whether on the epidemiology, virology, biology, psychology or anything else – and whether you are an academic or a concerned citizen – invites you to join their platform, and your account will then be added to the premium access COVID-19 research group. Their only requirements are that your work is on the current pandemic, and that you allow your findings through to be shared publicly.


Innovation & Inspiration


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