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June 7-9, 2017 | New York, NY


Welcome to Exponential Finance

As Executive Director of Singularity University’s Summits, it is my pleasure to welcome you to New York City. We couldn’t ask for a better setting to discuss the future of finance, and given the extraordinary participants and faculty present, as well as the topics we’ll cover, I know we’re going to have a very special few days.

Our mission at Singularity University is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to foster universal abundance and address humanity’s grand challenges today. With the rate at which finance is changing and the impact this industry is having on the world, this event will certainly help fulfill this mission.

Since 2009, SU has hosted thought leaders in industry, government and academia, from more than 70 countries, at our Global Solutions Program, Executive Programs, Custom Programs, Accelerator Program, and at our Summits, including Exponential Medicine, Exponential Manufacturing, our flagship event, Singularity University Global Summit, our 12+ International Summits, and of course from here… our annual Exponential Finance Summit.

Your Exponential Finance experience will begin with a broad look at the sweeping trends impacting the financial industry: Exonomics, the FinTech startup landscape, crowdsourcing, positive change through finance, the abundant future, and an introduction to the ways in which exponential technologies are fueling disruptive change. Artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain, energy – even quantum computing – are all contributing to the rapid pace of change, and we’ll discuss each.

On Thursday, we’ll start the day by learning how to implement and embrace innovation. Next, we’ll narrow our focus to the evolution happening specifically within the fields of wealth management, banking, and insurance, followed by interactive Exponential Tradecraft workshops. Finally, we’ll zoom back out, with perspectives on the global FinTech environment and lessons on exponential leadership.

On Friday, we’ll show you how to protect your organization from crime, as well as hear thought-provoking discussions on the future of work. Then, Salim Ismail will tie up the learnings from all three days by revealing what the future will hold and sharing ideas on how to foster innovation and implement exponential change.  And finally, we’ll welcome Ray Kurzweil for an insightful conversation with Bob Pisani, during which they’ll take questions from you.

Throughout the Summit, if there is anything that I, or anyone on our team, can do to make your visit more impactful, please let us know.

I would like to thank all of you for your energy, passion and contribution to this event. I am confident that the relationships you build and the conversations you have here will impact the way you think about, and help create, the future of finance.


Will Weisman
Executive Director, Summits
Singularity University

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