2018 brought the third installment of Singularity University Global Summit, SU’s flagship event, where a new record was set for the largest single gathering of SU community members. Watch some of the videos and photos below to experience the community and content that makes this Summit so special.

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Blast Off

Will Weisman, Executive Director of Singularity University Summits, kicks off the SU Global Summit 2017.

Building a Global Community

SU CEO Rob Nail talks about the organization’s genesis from a simple idea to a worldwide community of exponential change-makers.

Forces Driving Accelerating Change

Singularity University Co-Founder Peter Diamandis gives his breathtaking view of the future and how we can all create a world of abundance.

AI Eats The World

Artificial intelligence is transforming industries and businesses, revamping the ways we understand information, and automating human work.

Space: The Next Frontier

SU Co-Founder Peter Diamandis anchors a lively segment, showing how widespread space exploration and even colonization may soon be possible.

Organizations & The Next Economy

To create disruptive innovation, the decisions that organizations make have to be challenged, and new strategies need to be adopted.

Our Best Selves

In a world of exponential change, one of our greatest challenges is to remain centered on what makes us human.

The Science of Visible Thought & Our Translucent Selves

Mary Lou Jepsen’s Openwater is building a portable MRI for consumers – with the goal of being able to actually read human thoughts.

Managing Ourselves & The Planet

Leveraging exponentials and the power of organizations, we’re reaching the point where we can dramatically scale stewardship of the planet.

Corporate Impact at Scale

What strategies and technologies can help us to manage our scarce resources – and prepare for an abundant future?

Future of Work

The rapid shift to a digital work economy requires us to rethink our schools, our organizations – even the very nature of work.

Transforming Education

Hear from educators, experts, and corporate learning heads about new strategies for preparing our children and supporting lifelong learning.

Drawdown: A Comprehensive Plan to Reverse Global Warming

Paul Hawken believes we can stop global warming in the next 30 years – and he not only has a plan, he knows how to reverse its effects.

Global Solutions Program: Newton9

Newton9 presents their solution to help solve climate change as part of their participation in the 2017 Global Solutions Program.

Global Solutions Program: Farmspace

Farmspace presents their solution to help solve the food crisis as part of their participation in the 2017 Global Solutions Program.

Global Solutions Program: NextBiotics

NextBiotics presents their solution to help fight antibiotic resistance as part of their participation in the 2017 Global Solutions Program.

Touching the Future

Ray Kurzweil is one of the world’s leading inventors, thinkers, and futurists, with a thirty-year track record of accurate predictions.

Q & A

In a Q&A with Will Weisman, watch as Ray Kurzweil explores the major trends defining our future.

Digital Reality

Will Augmented & Virtual Reality continue to be for gaming and niche applications – or the next major computing platform?

Drones: The World’s Microscopes

As we enter the world of self-driving cars, trucks, drones, and even flying buses, what will a world of “autonomous everything” look like?

Hyperloop Demo

A description and visual demonstration of Hyperloop One by CEO Rob Lloyd.

Breakthrough Braintech

We’re getting get closer and closer to unlocking the mysteries of the brain and finding ways to exponentially improve our mental health.

Adaptive Intelligence: Hacking Your Brain’s Response to Change

Hear how we are getting closer to understanding the connection between biology and our inner selves and how we can hack adapting to change.

In Conversation

Roelof Botha of Sequoia Capital in conversation with Peter Diamandis.

Citizen Driven Innovation

How can we encourage community engagement and civic innovation – and strengthen our democracy in a time of exponential change?

Closing Remarks

Will Weisman, wrapping up SU Global Summit 2017.

Three organizations participated in each of our 12 tracks. These organizations received dedicated exhibition space in the SU Global Summit EXPO, where they had the opportunity to present their work to 1,400 public and private sector leaders from numerous industries and countries.




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