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The Alumni Experience is your exclusive opportunity to reconnect with your community and reignite your work.

You're already part of the Singularity University community. You know what it's all about, and now it's time to reconnect with your peers, get educated on the latest advancements in exponential technologies, and enhance your positive impact on the world. Join us for SU Global Summit 2017.

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This was my first SU event, and I went in with REALLY high expectations. I am pleased to say that they were exceeded at every turn. The show, the venue, the off site events and the participants were all world class.

Christopher Bush, Systems Integration for Agriculture | Catalyst Agri-Innovations Society


2016 Featured Presenters & Topics

Presenter’s Table Summit

To view all speakers from the 2016 SU Global Summit, click here.

AI & Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI will disrupt every industry in the near future. We'll see big improvements in a machine's ability to learn like a human, which will allow AI to surpass people at many work-related tasks. This will bring about major societal change.

"We are going to have true symbiosis between machine and human intelligence."

-Neil Jacobstein

2016 presenters: Neil Jacobstein, Chair of the Artificial Intelligence & Robotics Track at Singularity University; Jeremy Howard, Founder & Deep Learning Researcher at


Open-source platforms and new materials are democratizing robotics. Robots will soon be coupled with AI to bring life to computers to handle much of our daily lives. The next step will be to make them safe enough for human interaction.

"Every physical task will be an opportunity for robotics."

-Rob Nail

2016 presenters: Rob Nail, Associate Founder & CEO at Singularity University; Tim Swift, Co-Founder at Roam Robotics

Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and augmented reality are growing in adoption and sophistication. VR will throw users into new and exciting worlds for education, entertainment and work, while AR could bring a more natural interface to computing.

"We’re erasing the boundaries between the real and virtual work and play spaces."

-Philip Lelyveld

2016 presenters: Philip Lelyveld, VR/AR Initiative Program Lead for the Entertainment Technology Center at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts; Jacki Morie, CEO at All These Worlds; Brent Bushnell, CEO at Two Bit Circus


Blockchain technology enables a whole new era, involving value transfer and information exchange. All forms of property, money, and assets could be transacted with blockchains in the future, impacting entire industries such as mortgage servicing and electronic medical records. More broadly, blockchains suggest new and more flexible models for large-scale coordination.

"Blockchains are a form of trust-making technology."

-Melanie Swan

2016 presenter: Melanie Swan, Blockchain Theorist in Philosophy and Economic Theory, New School for Social Research

Digital Biology

Biology, genetics, medicine, and agriculture are applying new technologies to life itself, and impacting all of us in the process. We're approaching the point at which we're actually able to decode the building blocks of life, and know what it takes to create a human being.

"Genetic engineering is now starting to look like software engineering."

-Raymond McCauley

2016 presenters: Raymond McCauley, Chair of the Digital Biology Track at Singularity University; Riccardo Sabatini, Scientist & Entrepreneur


Technological advances are tackling the nanotech challenge by miniaturizing from the top down and building atomically-precise structures from the bottom up. As these approaches converge, huge gains will be seen in areas from medicine and manufacturing to energy and space.

"With nanotech, you can have shape-changing materials."

-Christine Peterson

2016 presenters: Christine Peterson, Co-Founder at Foresight Institute; Aymeric Sallin, Founder and CEO at NanoDimension

Additional Topics

Energy | Nano and 3D printing | Data | Finance and Economics | Networks and Computing | Medicine and Neuroscience | Bioengineering | Bioinformatics | Space | Security | Human Performance | And Much More

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SU Global Summit is SU's flagship Summit, and is the event to reconnect with your fellow SU alumni. We'll be curating connections through unique alumni programming, while the Summit itself will cover the most powerful and impactful developments in exponential technologies in 2017. Update your mindset for the coming year while rekindling old friendships and discovering new opportunities.

  • Connect with fellow alumni, innovators, investors and business leaders who are driven to solve humanity’s grand challenges.
  • Gain a tangible grip on the future of tech from globally recognized presenters.
  • Leave with the tools and inspiration to make an impact on your organization, your community, and your world.
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“I would recommend every startup that is working on solving problems using exponential technologies to apply for the challenge. Awesome experience!" -Ruchit G. Garg, Founder & CEO, Harvesting Inc.


Global Grand Challenge Awards



Part of SU Global Summit. Showcasing the world’s most promising social impact tech companies.

At Singularity University, we believe that leveraging the convergence of exponential technologies will advance us along the path to solving our Global Grand Challenges (GGC) and will shift humanity from an era of scarcity to one of abundance.

We’ve teamed up with some of the world's most influential development organizations and companies to evaluate the potential human and economic impact of GGC Award applicants, and to offer connections, opportunities, resources, and recognition to their projects.

If you and your team are using exponential technologies to positively impact humanity on a global scale, we encourage you to sign up to be notified when applications become available for the Global Grand Challenge Awards.

“Weaving disruptive innovation, exponential technology, futuristic thinking and strategic implementation to discuss the world's most urgent concerns.”

- Radia Funna, Head of Innovation, United Nations Office of Information and Communications Technology

“I was very impressed with the innovation, ideas and technologies showcased at the Global Grand Challenge Awards.”

- Sherif Elsayed-Ali, Head of Technology & Human Rights, Amnesty International

“In four days, my entire worldview of what's happening in technology, design, non-profits, and culture was given a much needed update. I made dozens of great contacts with people all over the planet and united in their commitment to a better world.”

- Joseph Chinnock, Director, BeeTech

Past Global Grand Challenge Award Recipients:


An exquisitely curated experience that brings about thought-provoking and soul-searching discussions on innovative, impactful, and exponential solutions.

Maria Cavalcanti, CEO global finance & health social-enterprise | Pro Mujer




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This year we will gather once again at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square, a prestigious landmark hotel in the center of the City by the Bay. Stay at the Hilton to keep yourself on-site and take advantage of early meetups, late night mixers and easy access to everything you need during three days of intensive programming.

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Travel Info

SU Global Summit is conveniently located blocks away from the Powell Street station on BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit). Powell Street Station is 30 minutes from the San Francisco Int'l Airport.

The program will begin midday on Sunday, August 13, and will wrap up by midday on Tuesday, August 15.

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